The Magic Stories {Review}

Today I want to introduce you to The Magic Stories  from Allsaid & Dunn, LLC, publishers of The Reading Game and authors of the Wordly Wise series.

The Magic Stories are an additional supplementary reading program, and follow up Allsaid & Dunn’s The Reading Game.  However, you do not need to have used The Reading Game as The Magic Stories stand alone.  They are geared towards 7 and 8 year olds, and were an easy read for my 9 year old.  Each story can be read over a few days or in one sitting depending on the reading level of your child.  They can be used for the child to read aloud to a parent (which is how I used it with my six year old) or as an independent read.  In fact, my six year old and I thoroughly enjoyed snuggling up together and ‘partnership’ reading together.  This is where she reads all the words she knows, tries to sound out those she doesn’t and me chiming in whenever needed.  This helped her to feel successful even if she was struggling.

The Magic Stories are ebooks, rather than hold in your hand books, but there is always the option of printing and binding them yourselves.  The books come in the following titles:

  • The Magic Hole
  • The Magic Ax
  • The Magic Joke
  • The Magic Hotdog
  • The Magic Book
  • The Magic Box

 Stories may be purchased individually or as a complete set.  For the purpose of this review I was given access to all six books and their accompanying worksheets.  The worksheets include printable Card Decks in addition to Reading, Writing and Comprehension Worksheets for each book:

The flash cards contain forty naughty words, which are the trickier words your child might need practice with.  My nine year old did not need these at all.  I think they would be useful for a strong beginner reader.  For B6 it was too much and it destroyed her enjoyment somewhat, so I put them aside.

The worksheets were cleverly designed, although, as usual I didn’t use them as they were designed.  We are so not a worksheet family, but I liked these (especially the maze one).  Both my girls are beginner writers, writing being something A9 has always struggled with.  This means I tend to do a lot of comprehension and creative writing activities verbally.  This means I can check the girls understanding and comprehension in a way which they will enjoy.  I also did lots of the creative writing ideas verbally, and to be honest we had a lot of fun with these!

The stories themselves were enjoyable, sweet and I never had any moans about needing to read them.  They have simple black and white illustrations, which for some might be a little bland.  I loved them though!  If you choose to print the books the illustrations could be used to colour in, which would make the book more personal 🙂

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