The Snowy Day Book Unit

The Snowy Day

The Snowy Day book unit is perfect for snowy days, with lots of snowflake related hands on activities which are sure to excite your children! Read on for some great inspiration!

The Snowy Day Book Unit

Snowy Day Themed Playdough

Every morning, for The Snowy Day book unit, I set up a play dough table with themed cutters and a play board mat made from a laminated photocopy of the front of the book:

The Snowy Day Book Unit
Making snowmen with white playdough and snowman cutters

Snowy Day Themed Books

These were the little one’s bed time read alouds.  They were also available in the morning whilst the older ones were doing their chores and also during quiet time.

Playing OutSide in the (Barely) Snow!

For this unit we only needed our snow suits so we could all go out into the snow and do all the activities that the little boy did in the story.  Only it didn’t snow as much as expected, so we couldn’t make snow angels!  Ah well, an activity for another day!

Then of course we had to warm up inside in front of a roaring fire and hot chocolate snowmen:

Snowman Hot Chocolate
Snowman hot chocolate in a baby food jar with material for a scarf, doughnut with icing pen eyes and mouth for a face, half a grape for a hat, a straw to hold everything together and a sprinkling of icing sugar for snow!

The Snowy Day Book Unit Activities

I came up with lots of fun hands on activities to go along with The Snowy Day book unit. Honestly, we all thoroughly enjoy joining in, from the older children down…and their very enthusiastic mother!

Sensory Box with Shaving Foam Snow

I also went through all the plastic animals and picked out some winter type animals that we had read about and popped them into a large cat litter box with some shaving foam.  It was going to be real snow, but we seem to be a little short.  Ahem.

Making a Snowman Bracelet

Decorating a Snowflake with Glitter

The Snowy Day Homemade Puzzle

I photocopied the front page of A Snowy Day and cut it into puzzle pieces. Lil helped Abs do the puzzle

Making a Homemade Snow Globe

I also did one very special tray activity with both my littles, which was so much fun and so successful regarding the end product that Charlotte exclaimed that she wished she was 4 again!  We made a snow globe out of Dolmio jars, water and a Lego figure:

Making Snowflake Tie-Dyed T-Shirts

We decided to tie dye some cheap white t-shirts blue, leaving behind white snowflakes where the material was tied.  That was the idea anyway! (They weren’t very, very snowflake like!). As Christmas was coming up, we made enough t-shirts for all the children and decided that they would make lovely Christmas presents from one to another!

Making Marshmallow Snowmen

Snowmen Shaped Toast

  • Snowman shaped wholemeal toast with peanut butter spread and chocolate buttons & eyes:
The Snowy Day Book Unit

Angel Delight Snowflake Shaped Ice cream

  • Mashed banana with Angel Delight, frozen in an snow flake muffin tin, served with a marshmallow snowman:

Snowball Popcorn Balls

  • Snowball popcorn balls

It’s beginning to make me feel a bit queezy the amount of sugar everyone is ingesting this week!  Next week we’ll be doing Angus Lost so it’ll be much healthier savory stuff.

That said, learning to make these was so much fun!  We made the toffee from scratch and poured it over the pop corn, rolled it into balls and made some toffee popcorn balls:

Homemade Snowflake Stamps

We make some snow flake stamps out of a block of wood and a sponge dish cloth:

Becs really enjoys doing anything with her hands so we filled a paint pot with white paint, gave her some black paper, the stamps and let her at it:

Snowflakes printing

The Snowy Day Book Unit Muffin Tin Meal

  • More inspiration

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    1. At the risk of sounding completely dipsy, I wasn’t aware we were due snow until your message!!! Then my husband phones telling me we’re going to have a blizzard! Where have I been for the last 24 hours?!

  1. Hey claire!im addicted to ur blog! Especially the things u do with ur little ones!ur getting me all excited about homeschooling!although still so nervous!! So happy u have this blog as i will prob steal alot of ur ideas ;);)

    1. Hello! How are you? So pleased you’ve decided to take the plunge – you won’t regret it! There really is nothing to be nervous about, just relax and enjoy the journey, there is SO much to enjoy! Oh, and steal away!! Thanks for leaving a comment – I LOVE comments!!

      1. yes we are good….no 3 on the way….catching up with ya!! haha!! how are you?? enjoying the snow?? you will have to get out and do those snow angels!! x

  2. I can’t believe how many activities you were able to incorporate into snow. We made those glitter shakers ones and that project alone was an entire afternoon’s worth of work. You must be exhausted.

  3. We have this book out of the home ed library at present. Thank you for all these wonderful ideas. Have you tried acting out the footprints?
    Hope the children enjoyed the real snow-mine had a wonderful time and there is a bit of sorrow about it all melting!

  4. What a WONDERFUL row! You did so many fun, memorable activities! Thanks for linking up to TGIF! I look forward to seeing you again next week,
    Beth =-)

  5. Hi! I’m a a homeschool mom of 3 little kiddos and I just love your blog! We are using BFIAR too. I was wondering where you got the animal puzzle with the continents? Love your blogging… Blessings! Sam

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