The Story about Ping {FIAR}

The Story About Ping

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A Story about Ping is the very cute tale about an independently spirited little duck who lives on a ‘wise-eyed boat’ on the Yangtze River.  One evening he fails to make it back to his boat on time and spends the night out on the river having his own brand of fun.  He comes to realise though, that life without his many relatives is a lonely and confusing one, and is relieved to return to them on the boat,

Goals for this study:

  • Complete the FIAR study of The Story about Ping, including using the Fold and Learn and elements of the Story about Ping lapbook
  • Learn about China as a country in the continent of Asia
  • Put together a China Lapbook
  • Learn about wetlands in relation to China
  • Learn about Typhoons and Hurricanes

Asia: In my Book Box

The story about Ping    

FIAR Study

In addition to completing most of the lessons in the FIAR manual we did the following:

  • Copy Work of A Story About Ping:


The Story About Ping


  • Our Lapbook:

The Story About Ping

The Story About Ping

The Story about Ping

  • Nature Study – Duck:

We visited our local pond to see if the Mandarin duck was still there:

It wasn’t, so we fed the Mallards:

and the Canada Geese:

We used ArtAchieve to create a lovely picture of a duck.  This was actually a lesson for a Korean Wedding Duck, but it went so well with Ping I thought a duck is a duck, right?

The Story about Ping

The Story about Ping

Where on Earth is China?

capture capture

The first book is a simple and very clear introduction to the continents.  By the end of this year I want the two younger ones to know inside out the name and place of each continent, so in this quest, I chose to read the first book out daily.  The second book is a fun (albeit in depth) look into the stats of Asia.  I pick and choose the information I read depending on the country we are studying.  In this case I picked out all the details I could find pertaining to China.  Even though we have been reading this book for weeks the littles don’t seem to be getting bored at all 🙂

The girls looked for and found China on our large paper mache map of the world:

The Story about Ping

Wetlands are an important habitat in China.  We learnt a bit more about this habitat using the book below:

We had a bit of fun with half a paper table-cloth.  I drew China (not very accurately).  We mapped the rivers, in addition to marking out all the provinces.  I printed off photos of the top ten most beautiful wetlands in China and we added them to our map:

The Story About Ping

I also printed off some of China land marks and we stuck them on the map around the area they were geographically found:

Hurricanes or Cyclones or Typhoons….

We read the following book:

After which we had a bit of fun ‘creating’ our own interactive hurricane.  This was such a great way of really understanding the factors which effect the strength of a hurricane.

Simple, easy and fun.  Just how we like it 🙂


  1. Ping was one of our all-time favourite FIAR reads, and you and your girls did a beautiful study with it. I especially like the wetlands images and map linking – very creative!

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