Venezuelan Art Study: Santiago Pol

As part of our South American studies we looked into well known Venezuelan artist  Santiago Pol.  Santiago Pol, born in Barcelona, Spain, states this about Venezuela:
“If Venezuela did not exist, I would not exist as a designer”
A leading figure in Venezuelan graphic art, Pol carried out his studies in Fine Arts at the School of Plastic Arts “Cristobal Rojas” of Caracas and in the Fine Arts School of Paris.
We have been covering Venezuela in our ‘Around the World with FIAR’ studies, and I came across Pol’s art during a google search.  The pictures were so striking and I felt fairly easy to replicate……so we did (albeit, we probably definitely used different medium to Pol’s original poster!
I gathered the following for the little ones:
  • Two sheets of butcher’s paper
  • Watered down green paint
  • Four colours of thick acrylic paint
  • A copy of Rain Forest Animals.  Rip out each of the pages but do not remove the animals:polart5
  • Four thick brushes
The children were given four sheets of jungle animal cutouts to colour, and four colours of acrylic paint.  They painted each sheet a different colour, ensuring every part of the animals were covered thickly with paint:
They were left to dry before removing the animals:
I had stuck strips of masking tape criss-crossing over the paper.  I would have liked to have used a thick tape but as we only had the thin, I made do 🙂  The girls then painted over the whole of the surface of the butcher’s paper with heavily watered down green acrylic:
These were also left to dry thoroughly, before removing all of the masking tape:
 Once the animals were dry they were removed from the card and arranged on top of the butcher’s paper as desired:
And then stuck down using modge podge:
A simple way to replicate Poll’s work!


  1. Como no se escribir en ingles lo digo en castellano, MUCHAS GRACIAS jamás me imagine este acto tan bello. El diseño de esta página de almanaque fue realizado a petición de la ONU y me pidieron una ilustración que demostrara el calentamiento global pero que no fuera una imagen apocalíptica. El lado izquierdo es el clima bueno y no contaminado el lado derecho es lo contrario y todos los colores están en negativo es decir contaminado. Muchas gracias a ANGELICSCALLIWAGS por esta bella noticia.

  2. I’m not sure how I missed this post, but I am bookmarking this for our Exploring Countries travels when we learn about the Rain Forest! This artist will tie in beautifully! The finished piece is beautiful!

    How fun that that the artist wrote to you! I don’t speak or write enough Spanish anymore to help. You would think after 4 years of Spanish, I’d have retained it.

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