What Kind of Home Schooler am I Anyway?

In my quest to organise my blog, I am gathering all related posts into one post to make them easier to find.



I tend to reflect often and change what doesn’t suit.  These posts will contain my reflections and I am sure will be added to in the coming years.

My thoughts on what it means to be educated 

What type of home schooler am I, anyway?  Part 1

What type of home schooler am I, anyway?  Part 2

What type of home schooler am I, anyway?  Part 3

What type of home schooler am I anyway?  Part 4

What type of home schooler am I, anyway?  Part 5

Incorporating Unschooling into a project based home school

I am going to finish this post by linking to Lucinda who sums it all up and says it all so much better than I do:


Here Lucinda talks about not boxing ourselves in and just doing Us-Schooling instead!


  1. I enjoyed your series on this topic. We have had to re-evaluate and adjust for each child’s individual needs and challenges as well as their gifts – one place where I think homeschooling allows much more flexibility than a school could. To me, it means that each child is getting an individually designed program designed by the people who know them and love them best.

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