Why I won’t be Making any Money out of my Blog Anytime Soon

In November I asked for help to make money from my blog.  The government was, at the time, threatening to take away tax credits if you had children over five and did not go out to work.  For us that would have been hard, so we looked at other ways to bring in money.  A few wonderfully patient people helped me to see the potential in my blog and taught me all about SEO, advertising, Amazon Affiliates and what an audience wants.  I took blogging courses, read blogging optimising posts and ebooks.  It was all so new to me, and to be honest I found it all hard to do and hard to digest.

I found out that writing for others requires a lot more thought, diligence and skill than I had realised.  Posts which took me no time at all to write suddenly began taking hours.  I lost many hours in the abyss of blog land trying to perfect posts and give my readers what they wanted.  I was floundering and frankly sinking under the pressure of it all.

Blogging has always been a joy for me.  When I started I had no idea I could write anything interesting enough that other people would want to read.  And to be honest it didn’t matter.  I was, after all, writing primarily for my children.  I wanted to capture all the nuances which made up their childhood.  I wanted to share difficulties and successes, because I wanted them to know that motherhood is not always easy, that we mums don’t always know what we are doing.  But that was okay.  I wanted to show them how precious our life was, mistakes and bumblings included.  This blog was my love letter to them.  I hoped in some small way it would help them navigate the waters of adulthood, a sort of mentorship if you like.  Just in case the cancer came back and I wasn’t there in person to mentor them.  But most of all I wanted them to know just how much I loved them and how much of a privilege it is to work alongside them each day; that my days are blessed because of them not in spite of them; that they made my life meaningful and special simply by being in it.

Over the past few months I’d lost that intentionality.  

There are millions of blogs out there, and mine is very small pickings.  But it is my very small picking.  I adore the tiny community you (my readers) and I have created over the years.  It might not be large, it might not be far-reaching, but it is special.  I love the messages you leave me and the emails you send me.  I love hearing about when I have written something which has resonated with you on some level and I love when we share advice or what we have learnt with each other.  This is a small community but it is a tight-knit and loyal one.  If my blog were a cake, writing about my family would be the sponge and you guys would be the icing.

I am so grateful for the help I received from some very special bloggers out there who are huge next to me.  I am honoured you took the time to share your knowledge, your wisdom and most of all your precious time.  But becoming big is not for me.  I feel vulnerable and unsure of myself when I put myself in the ‘corporate’ world of blogosphere.  Suddenly the words falter and I am at a loss what to write.  Blogging needs to be effortless to me because any time on the computer is time away from my children and they are still at an age to need me a great deal.

The government has changed its mind.  The changes which were due next spring will be put off for three years.  This has given me the breathing space I needed.  In three years time, who knows where Gary will be work wise?  Who knows where we will all be money wise?  I have decided to trust God for our financial needs.  My job is to follow the path I believe He has set out for us as a family, and leave the rest up to Him.


  1. This post has given me a lot to really think and pray about. I was just about to (within days) create a blog of our life in hopes of generating some extra income also… I really respect what you are doing and completely understand why you are making the decision to not make it a monetary blog. I have been worried about how much time it will take away from my family, which is the reason I stay home and not work in the first place. I know that God will honor your decision and He always takes care of us! Many blessings to you and your family. I have never posted before, but I wanted you to know that your blog has really inspired me . You are a wonderful momma and the kids are getting a fantastic education and best of all, memories and a closeness from being together. You share such wonderful ideas !

  2. I so appreciate your honesty and for being real, Claire, that’s why I love your blog so much. 🙂 Thanks for sharing your heart. May the Lord continue to guide your path as you and Gary raise your beautiful family. Your blog blesses me so much and I look forward to reading every post :).

  3. I love your blog. I so get what you are saying about trying to make money off of the blog. I really couldn’t figure it out and it all seemed so not me. I am glad you have a three year breathing space.
    Blessings, Dawn

  4. I haven’t been stopping by because I haven’t really been blogging lately or getting online to read blogs, and after making my blog something I no longer loved over the past two years, I’ve been grateful for a break from it. 🙂 . . . I totally understand what you’re talking about, and I hope that your writing always brings you great enjoyment!

  5. Hugs, my friend. I am always sad when someone says that they are going to try to make money with their blog because the flavor and content changes, and not for the better. You are wise enough to realize that quickly and I am overjoyed. It must be wonderful for the government tp give you a tax credit for homeschooling. We are grateful just to be able to homeschool as there is always the looming thteat that it will be outlawed.

    1. We don’t get the tax credit for education or home schooling. It is given to lower income families to help with the expenses of living. It is incredibly helpful but I am sure will eventually be taken away for those families where only one parent work 🙁

  6. Hallo Claire,
    Thank you for writing your blog. I assure you, you have a lot more readers then you think. Many read but do not comment like me, because they don’t have interesting information to share or time. I love your blog. It inspired me for many hands-on activities with my girls. We are no homeschoolers, it is forbidden in Germany. But I try to make the best of what we can do. And your blog is a great help and guide for me.

    1. Thank you so much for your comment Olga, I really appreciate hearing from you. It is always nice to make contact with my readers 🙂 I’m so happy to hear my blog is helpful in some way.

  7. I am so thankful for you and your blog! Your blog is real, not fabricated! It gets to the heart and is from the heart! I am honored to get a glimpse into your life and family! I praise God He has shown you the path He desires you to take in both your homeschooling and blogging realms! Our God is so good!!!

  8. Claire, your blog has been an encouragement and homeschooling inspiration to me for the however many years I have been reading it now, and having been blogging for only 1 measly year myself, I can already see what you mean about the added stress and hassle of monetizing a blog. Thank you for just being yourself, and by the way, your Fun, Futures and Dreams post was lovely 🙂

  9. Your blog has always been and always will be one that I look forward to reading, and actually look to, when I am trying to figure out how to make something for my son fun. I am amazed and in awe of the topics and avenues you use to cover them. The family things that you share are heartwarming as well. I can’t imagine that anything you’ve shared isn’t “what the audience wants”, or isn’t “up to par”. You write and share from your heart, and you are so transparent, and funny. I frequently share things that you’ve included on the blog, because I love it, and consider it a resource. So there! I will be praying, that God will continue to provide all that you need. Blessings!

  10. ((hugs)) I went through this years ago and lost so much enjoyment in my writing. It’s taken me years (& sadly several blogs) to find it again. And yes, it is without any backing of sponsorship or $. It’s just the pieces of my heart unfolding as a legacy to pass on to my children with a little hope that it encourages others along the way 🙂 May you find the sweet JOY in writing again.

    1. I remember your first blog! I missed you terribly when you stopped running it publically. I’m so glad you are back and enjoying it once more. I love your writing!

  11. I completely understand and agree. We do not currently need me to contribute to our family’s finances, so I spend the time with our daughter. At times, I feel like the Review Crew is almost too much blogging for me. But Amber so loves being on the crew that I chalk those posts and the time needed to her enjoyment and not my own (even though I do enjoy doing them).

    I love your blog just how it is and enjoy reading all that you have to say 🙂

    1. You know, I can tell Amber and you enjoy being part of the review crew because you write really interesting and detailed reviews. I too love your blog just as it is 🙂

  12. Good for you, Claire! It’s wonderful to reach a point of clarity, isn’t it?

    Writing blog posts used to take me so long, I’ve always wondered how on earth you manage to be so prolific (and still make every post so compelling!). Since I’ve started my new blog on a subject close to my heart I’m finding it much easier (still takes me an age to put a post together but slowly but surely getting quicker!).

    When we’re true to ourselves life just works better, doesn’t it?

    1. Thanks Lucinda. You are right. Writing about what lights your fire is the easiest way to write! And I am thoroughly enjoying your new blog 🙂

  13. Claire, I started reading your blog because I could see the love you have for your children and your enthusiasm for homeschooling. Follow your heart, my friend. Hugs.

  14. Bravo! I love that you live a faithful life. So glad you’re focused on raising your beautiful children. So glad you have three years of breathing room now.

    1. Hello Lisa! How lovely to hear from you 🙂 Thank you for your kind words. I felt such peace as I posted this, so I definitely feel I have chosen the right path for me. x

  15. I’m so glad the law changed and gave you breathing room!
    You’re right, writing to earn money is hard work and takes time (and I’m not even particularly good at it), but I’m so proud of you for giving it a go, even if it’s not your strength.
    I’m so behind on reading blogs, these past few weeks have been BUSY!

      1. I was glad to help, and if you ever have any more questions feel free to email me. If we were on the same continent, I’d say come over for a cup of tea, but that sadly is not true.
        I think I need to go make a cup right now.

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