Wibbly Wobbly Weightloss and a Blogging Break

Wibbly Wobbly Weightloss
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We’re a bit early this week, for reasons which will become clear at the end of the post.  It has been a great week for healthy eating and healthy dates with my husband.  On Monday Gary and I played 50 minutes of badminton.  My heart and lungs were burning, I ached all over and was soaked through with sweat but it felt so good.  I’ve always enjoyed racket sports but haven’t really played since I got married.  It was honestly so much fun!  Fifty minutes flew by, and I found it was much like riding a bicycle – you just don’t forget how.  I was a little rusty at first but it soon came back to me.  Gary and I always have much fun together and we giggled all the way through the 50 minutes!  Although, I’m thinking much of the laughter was aimed at me rather than with me!

I had a yoga class booked to go to the next day, but I was so stiff I was struggling to get from sitting to standing.  Yoga was out of the question(!) so I cancelled.  Next week maybe.  I have played badminton a couple more times, getting stiffer each time!

All this aerobic exercise has helped me to shift another 1Ib and I am proud to say I have now lost 19Ib in total.  Still slow but I’m really alright with that.  So far any changes I have made feel like ones which I’d be happy to maintain for the rest of my life.

I’d like to direct you to a couple of other posts this week:

1) Phyllis wrote another fabulous post about all she has learnt about healthy eating.

2) Audria wrote her own update and included a lovely recipe for Fish Tacos

Taking a Break

I wasn’t planning to even take a school break, let alone a blogging break, but there are things we all want to do and they don’t include formal home school or computer time.  The children have asked to begin having the same school terms and holidays as their friends.  Funnily enough, we are too busy this summer to need to find extra projects and fun stuff to do to keep us all out of mischief!  I’ve decided to take a couple of weeks off to focus on my home, in particular this home school room which we still haven’t finished.  I will also be finalising our curriculum plans for next year.  The children will be taking some time to focus on having fun with their friends, who are currently off school.  They will keep up with their maths and writing, but that’s it.

There will be no more posts until Saturday 30th August, which will be a wibbly wobbly one.  This is so I only miss one week of wibbly wobbliness.  Normal posting will resume the 1st September.

I hope you are all having a wonderful summer, laughing and having huge amounts of fun with your friends and family.  See you in September!


  1. Congratulations on losing 19 pounds! I just love your little weight goal picture.(I am sure there is a proper term for it.) Enjoy your break with your lovies!
    Hugs to you, Claire.

  2. Enjoy your break, Claire, and congratulations on continuing to become healthier and healthier! Thanks in part to your inspiration I am going off on holiday feeling trimmer than ever (I just had to have my rings made 3 whole sizes smaller to make sure they don’t fly off when I’m in the pool!) I’ve been offline for the last month or so with family down at the beach, so if I manage to get an internet connection while I’m away I shall be enjoying catching up on your lovely blog. See you in September!

  3. I love the new weight loss widget! Well done on your weight loss so far. I look forward to finding out you have faired next week.
    I hope you are having a lovely rest.

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