Wibbly Wobbly Weightloss – Losing Weight the Wibbly Wobbly Way: Week 8

Hello everyone!  I’ve been itching to get back to blogging and have missed the interaction we all have each day.  I’m guessing most of you will have started your new year/term by now.  I do hope it is all going well for you all.  We start back on Monday and I’ll be sharing some of our new curriculum as well as our latest foray into project based learning.  It is all good and all very exciting.  I’ve also been brain storming how to find more time in my day to allow for blogging and fun school as well as curriculum learning.  I really am looking forward to the year ahead.  It promises to be a good one.

Next week I will be finishing up posting about last term’s work on Viruses as well as the children’s completed projects, after which I will share the curriculum and history based studies we will be doing up until Christmas.

Wibbly, Wobbly, Weightloss

LilySlim - (83an)

But, back to the topic in hand.  Welcome to week 8 of Wibbly Wobbly Weightloss.  I missed you all last week and  almost posted just to find out how you are all doing!  I am pleased to say that I reached my first goal of 20Ib lost.  I have lost 1/5 of the weight I need to!  Yay me!!  That means it’s time for a photo and a comparison to the beginning.  I was a (tiny) bit excited about the photo.  After all, I had lost twenty pounds of fat.  I was going to be looking so much better.  I had to.  Twenty pounds is a lot of weight to lose.  Imagine my disappointment when I looked no smaller and in some of the photos I looked larger!  It was a bit disheartening to be honest, but it has firmed up my resolve to continue.  I want to see some difference, darn it!  The first photo is me at the beginning, the second now:

Ribbet collagewibbly

As I stated above I cannot noticed much of a change.  Maybe that is because I have so much to lose?

Setting Goals and Rewards

So far this first 20Ibs has been easy to lose, slowly but surely.  I am setting my new goal to 30Ibs rather than 40Ib because I can feel it getting harder now.  I know I am going to have to exert a little more dedication and effort to lose the next ten pounds.  My reward to myself will be to have all my hair cut off.  My hair is naturally curly since having children.  Yes, it was dead straight before that – what’s that all about?  However, the longer it gets the less curly it gets.  So, when I have lost 30Ibs I intend to go short and curly again!  I’ll also be posting another photo.  And this time I will look slimmer, even if I have to photo shop myself!

I’m not keen on having my photo taken probably due to the fact I really don’t like how I look right now.  However, I figure when I do get to my goal weight (which I fully intend doing) I will be able to look back at me looking slightly awkward and embarrassed and 100Ilbs heavier and be very determined never to reach such proportions again.

Bad Habits

There is one massive bad habit which, if I want to be serious about losing weight, needs to stop.  After all, if I do what I’ve always done, the results will be what they always have been.  And the bad habit?  Snacking at night.  It would be both Gary and my weakest time, because every night we pop on the current dvd series we are watching (we don’t have tv) and we have a cup of tea and a snack.  For me, this is either a cinnamon and raisin bagel (or two) or a bar of chocolate (or two).  I know it doesn’t sound too bad but when I am also eating a bowl of cereal (healthy non sugar one) just before bed, you can see that these are calories I can’t afford.  My goal has to be to get rid of the habit.  They say it takes 6 weeks to shift a habit.  Consider this week one.

Not just about weight loss…

Can I let you all into a secret?  I have never toned, cleansed, moisturized or worn make up.  I’m a bit clueless when it comes to things like this, never having paid an awful lot of attention to my appearance.  Friends have tried to help but, really, I’m pretty hapless.  I’m 40 in a few weeks, and maybe now is the time to start taking care of my skin a bit better.  And maybe by doing so, my daughters will learn to take care of themselves also.  So another small goal is to find a moisturizer which does not irritate my skin.  I am entering a new phase in my life.  I am sleeping.  I am exercising.  I am eating well.  And I’m shopping for moisturizer!

Moving This Body….

As you all know, our family has joined the leisure centre together.  We go every day, where we exercise together and spend a lot of time laughing together.  It has felt the easiest route to exercising ever.  Who knew preteens could be so much fun on the badminton court, that they could be so competitive? (Can’t think where they get that from.  Ahem).  This has to be one of the best ways to get fit.

My girls are at the age I was when I first started putting on weight.  It has been wonderful to see them swimming each day, gyming three times a week and playing badminton numerous times a week, even trying their hand at circuit training (and loving it!).  They are healthier and sleeping really well.  However, they are all (five) starving all of the time, so I have been making peanut butter balls for them to snack on.  These are high energy balls made from entirely natural ingredients.  In true Claire style, I have no proper recipe for you as I don’t measure anything (sorry).  I’m certain all the amounts differ each time I make it yet they are always delicious.

Peanut butter balls


Jar peanut butter (whole nut, no added anything)

Jar pure honey

Rolled jumbo oats

Either chocolate chips or healthier addition – sultanas

I use what would probably amount to a regular pack of oats (I roll my own so I’m guessimating), add half and half peanut butter and honey (usually I will use half a pot of each and if needed add a few more oats if it is too sticky or more honey or peanut butter if it is too dry)  Add sultanas or chocolate chips and mix thoroughly.  The mixture should be fairly dry and non sticky but wet enough to be able to form into small balls.  These don’t last very long in our family, but that’s okay.  They are quick, fairly inexpensive and full of goodness.  Not so good if, like me, you are trying to lose some pounds.  But for extremely active, hungry children, they are perfect and much more preferable to most other high energy ‘ready made’ snacks which contain ingredients I can’t pronounce.

It’s not just the exercising though….

Two things which have made an enormous difference to the ingoing and outgoing calories for me are exercising, of course, and (surprisingly) eating our main meal in the middle of the day and a supper type tea at around 4pm with a snack later on.  I think I have naturally reduced my calorie intake and yet some how feel like I am eating more.  Win win.  Now, if I could just shake my pesky evening snacking habit the weight, I am sure, would just fall of me!

Over to you.  What healthy habits have made all the difference to you?  How have you all faired over the past couple of weeks?  Can I pray for you at all?


  1. 20Ib! Wow! You go girl!! I can also notice the difference. I’ve stayed the same, I missed you last week, I think I might need the accountability!

  2. There is definitely a difference from photo 1 to photo 2! Well done. Not just on the weight loss but on the attitude change too. I have rediscovered popcorn as a healthy evening snack – plain (which my kids love but I loathe) or with a sprinkle of cinnamon or honey 🙂 I have had family staying for the last month so all my good habits have gone out the window! Time to re-establish them I think. Thank you so much for your positivity and encouragement.

  3. Wow, you´ve done great!
    For me it´s not important, how much one weighs. Important is, to feel good and to possess inner beauty! (I can´t think of anything else but trying your peanut butter balls! I´m glad healthy life means no waiver of taste.) 🙂

  4. I think it’s often hard to see your own weight loss – I have had quite a few people comment that I’ve lost weight lately, but I don’t really notice a difference (and I’m not trying to either!). One thing that’s been really useful for me to break habits I don’t want to have, or establish ones I do want, is a website called Habit RPG which gamifies habits. It’s odd how much it helps!

  5. Well done, i fell off the wagon while you were away but climbed back on after seeing this. Thank you for posting!

    1. Y’know it sounds like everyone has this week. In England it’s the last week before term time starts again, maybe that has some bearing on it??

  6. We cooked out this weekend and went out to eat so I wasn’t the best dieter. I was also kinda shocked to discover I have chronic inflammation. Figuring out how to tackle it is challenging for me. Anyway, once I quit freaking out about it, I’ll share a strategy on my blog. Last week I started using My Fitness Pal on my phone to journal my food. This app has really been helpful to me and lets me see the calorie cost of certain foods!! Maybe one of you will find it helpful too.

    I can see the difference in your photo Claire! Good luck searching for a moisturizer. I’m of little help to you there since I’ve never concerned myself with such things either.

  7. You may not see the difference, but I do. Fantastic! 20 pounds! Good For You!!! I am proud of you, Claire. Not just for the weight loss, but for healthier eating.

    I am not going to comment on weight loss over here. Too many birthday dinners out at restaurants. They are delicious, but calorie packed. I know there are healthier choices, but that steak, baked potato fully loaded, salad with lots of ranch dressing and…buttered yeast rolls X3 – well, thankfully August is behind us and so are the birthdays. (We have several family members to celebrate in August.) Time for me to get back on track.

    We must try your peanut butter balls. (Did I just say that?)

    Someone above mentioned My Fitness Pal. I have it on my phone, but I don’t remember to use it. I do have a friend who used it with much success.

    Congratulations, again!

    1. Ha! I missed you (did I say that already?) Yes, I completely understand about birthdays. We had two this week and it is not looking good for Saturday’s weigh in. That said, I may just postpone the weigh in ’til the Saturday after next. They’re my scales, I can do what I like….Oh, the power!

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