Wibbly Wobbly Weightloss:losing weight the wibbly wobbly way – week 5

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Another week, another weigh in!  The competition is hotting up between Gary and I, with Gary exercising like mad with our son, and me using the very helpful tip he gave me last week – feeding him larger portions!  Didn’t work though, with him winning this week with a two pounds weight-loss compared with my one pound.  Next week, Mr S, next week….

Seventeen pounds for me so far, 3 more to go to get another photo!  I might make that my goal this week.

It was great to have such marvellous input last week, with a few new faces and old friends (hi Marie and Sue!) popping by either cheering us all on or joining in themselves.  Viv is one such newcomer and has lost 22Ib so far.  Viv is looking forward to the support of other home schooling families as she tries to lose a bit more.  Welcome Viv, and well done on such a fantastic weight-loss!  Francis has another two pounds off, and whilst I am unsure how much she has lost in total (care to share, Francis?) I have noticed she is doing incredibly well since taking up jogging.  The weight loss winner of the week has to go to Audria with a 5Ib loss!  However, poor Audria was ill for much of last week and she puts her weight-loss down to that.  She nevertheless popped by and left many encouraging comments and promised to pray for others during the coming week.  Thank you so much for coming by even when you felt rough.  I do hope you are better and fully recovered this week?

Many of you mentioned adding flaxseed to bread and muffin recipes.  Who knew?  I remember flaxseed oil was recommended after I was diagnosed with cancer.  I can’t remember why now, but I tried the oil in everything but it has a very overwhelming taste for me, so in the end I gave up.  Dana keeps them in her freezer and just simply adds them to recipes.  Her children don’t notice, so maybe I won’t.  I’ll be picking up some today to try.  Thanks for the great tip Dana!

Along the same lines (as in they contain flaxseed) Lucinda left a delicious sounding recipe for frozen banana and strawberry smoothies.  She writes: ‘For 3 people I use 2 frozen bananas, milk and 3 heaped tsp cocoa powder (we’re a family of chocaholics). I add a spoonful of flax seeds each (yay!), plus a big handful of kale and any soft fruit that’s gone a bit too soft, and whizz it all up in our ancient blender which sounds like it’s going to take off. You probably know about these already but I only discovered the secret a few months ago and I couldn’t believe I’d gone my whole life without!‘  What I particularly like about this recipe is the kale!  What a fantastic way to ensure some of those lovely healthy, but sometimes not too tasty, greens get inside you!  This is another I am trying this week (I go shopping on a Saturday, so I’ve had to wait until today to buy all the ingredients for all these great ideas).

I’ve been paying more attention to when I am eating after Donna made the point about eating breakfast like a king, lunch like a prince, and dinner like a pauper.  I have decided I do everything the wrong way round.  I am never hungry until 10ish when I eat toast and Marmite; I don’t always eat lunch because I have eaten breakfast too late or I am simply too busy to be hungry; then I eat a good, healthy meal in the evening time, always with lots of veggies (I love my vegetables).  It doesn’t sound too bad, does it?  Ah, but I haven’t finished.  Oh no.  Really I am only getting started at dinner time and am always starving throughout the evening.  And so I snack.  It has been much better since I’ve been sleeping because the nights are not nearly so long anymore, but this is definitely my less healthy time period.  After reading Donna’s thoughts it occurred to me that I may just not be consuming enough calories during the day and so I make up for it at night-time.  I wonder if I spread my calorie intake more evenly throughout the 24 hour period whether it might make a difference to how hungry I am in the evening.  I will be making some changes this week to try my theory out!

Phyllis has a very interesting post about the magic of lemons and vinegar.  Again, I learnt a lot so thank you Phyllis for doing the research it takes to write such informative posts.  Ticia was away on holiday but managed to do lots of walking.  She hadn’t checked in on the results of the walking but was hopeful it had made a big difference.

Myra, a long time reader, shared about using bananas instead of eggs in baking.  She has to do this because of allergy issues, but I bet it would be beneficial to those with high cholesterol as well, who might need to avoid eggs.  She freezes hers before they go bad and then always has some available to use in the place of eggs.  When I read Myra’s comment I had to smile.  When I was in my teens I remember sharing with a friend how nice frozen bananas were.  I must have assumed she would remove the skin and wrap them in cling film or maybe I told her and she forgot.  Whatever the case was, she came into work the next day (we both worked in the same Nursing Home) and told me she wasn’t too impressed.  Apparently she’d just tossed some in the freezer the night before and this morning before work she had tried to eat one but was unable to remove the skin!  Duh!!  Obviously I should have explained myself a bit more clearly!  Anyway, frozen banana (sans skin and wrapped in cling film and frozen) is a delicious, healthy treat that even the children love!  I stick mine on a popsicle stick before freezing.  It is basically like a dense ice-cream.

Leah didn’t have such a great week, but something she said really struck me.  She says ‘I realized it was stress eating, and am working to pick up my devotional time – and take care of my stress there instead of in the fridge’  Not only was I so impressed by the fact she knew why she’d had a bad week and what she needed to do about it, but it also gave me the kick up the behind (or do I mean courage?) to offer a suggestion about this wee little group.  Before I started Wibbly wobbly, Kris had recommended a book to me.  Now I had seen this book a few years back making its appearance all over the web, but at the time I simply wasn’t ready for its message.  This time I was.  I read the book and every chapter elicited strong emotions in me.  I cried tears of joy, sadness and understanding as I slowly worked my way through it.  And the book?  It’s called Made to Crave:

made to crave

And it is basically all about doing exactly what Leah did,  satisfying yourself in God rather than food.  I know a lot of you who read this are Christians and may have already read the book.  I was wondering how you would feel about using this book as a study aid?  I am apprehensive about putting this idea out there because I don’t want anyone to feel excluded.  It has however had a big effect on how I see all things fat related and I would love to share.  Any thoughts, positive or negative?

Well, how about you?  How have you done this week?  How can I pray for you?  Do share goals, tips, challenges and successes!  I want to hear all about them!!



  1. Thank you all for being such an inspiration and well done for all of your steps towards better health. I have lost 1 1/2Ibs this week which brings my total to just under a stone!!! I’m very happy.
    I would like to read the book you have recommended and I would join in any discussion you had. Maybe by doing something, a chapter maybe, once a month, those who are not interested in the book could still feel they could contribute and still join in?

    1. Congratulations Francis, you have every reason to be happy!
      I think a monthly chat about the book might be very workable. Thank you for the suggestion!

    1. Then I shall have to start exercising with our son, whilst you watch the littles in the soft play area! Either that, or I’ll tamper with the scales so they show you’ve put on weight! Ha! Now I just have to figure out how……..any ideas…?

  2. I’m not actively trying to lose weight, but I am trying to live healthily and actively, and also in the summer I think I am less hungry – for whatever reason, I have lost a bit more weight and now am 13kg/28lb down from my highest recorded adult weight (I probably weighed more before then, but that was when I started weighing myself and trying to lose weight). My aim at the moment isn’t to lose more weight, but to reduce my sugar intake which will probably have the side-effect of cutting some weight off. I eat far too many biscuits; I am considering making August a processed-sugar-free month.

    1. Well done May! I think a processed sugar free August sounds a great idea. That is my ultimate goal, I think, to cut out processed sugars and fat for good. Let me know how it goes.

  3. I have already read the book and blogged some of it but would be happy to go through it again. Made to Crave is a very good book and I was able to learn so much about why I overate and how to overcome the need to turn to food for comfort.

    1. That’s great Audria! Francis suggested doing it once a month which sounds doable. I’ve just finished it and I think it will change the way I see food forever.

  4. Such a wonderful post and so many positive encouragements. When I felt like giving up during this past week thinking about this group helped me do an extra workout I was trying to justify skipping.

    We deal with several food intolerances in our house and it’s been hard for me to adjust my weight loss diet with the food intolerance diets. I did lose 1 whole pound two weeks ago and kept steady this week. I’ve been feeling stressed too and not in the mood to cook at all. Eating out for almost every meal for two weeks is rough on weight loss.

    I did find that simply playing two-square for just a half hour outside with my daughter was enough activity after a day of mild house keeping. I don’t need the full on cardio workouts every day if I can be moderately active most of the day.

    1. I’m sorry that you have been feeling stressed but well done for keeping the 1Ib off! I found the same last week. It was just too hot to exercise so I did more housework more vigorously and I still lost 1Ib!
      I’ll be praying things get a bit easier for you in the coming week.

  5. Claire, it sounds like you are doing just fantastic on this journey of a healthier you. Gary must be a strong motivation! HA.

    I might like to join in on the book study. It depends on how quickly you go through. As of now, my Bible study is in Romans and I have one chapter left, so if I finish before you begin, I would participate. If you go through quickly, I may just follow along with the conversations through the posts.

    I think the key for me is “moving.” I don’t find that I eat too much, it is just that I don’t move enough. Hopefully cooler weather will return soon and I can get motivated to go walk.

    I wish you luck this week as you strive to top Gary! I am cheering for you, my friend:)

    P.S. I didn’t get out of bed last night to get a pb&j sandwich while watching British comedies! Yay!!!

    1. Yay for small victories!! Well done Donna. Which British comedy are you on at the moment?
      I’m chuffed you might be part of the book study! Francis suggested doing it monthly so we would probably go through it quite slowly. I don’t know if you’ve read it but it is really meaty in its contents and definitely takes a while to process.
      I’m glad to have you cheering me on in my quest to beat Gary!!
      And thanks for email. I almost included the caption in my post, but I wasn’t sure if you would mind. It gave me a good giggle!

      1. I am writing to get much sympathy from you. (HA!) It is almost 8:30 pm and it is 103, yes, 103 degrees!

        We are watching A Fine Romance. We have seen the first few episodes on television. We have the set, but have never watched it all the way through. Since we discontinued our satellite television, we are catching up on all our sets.

        I knew you’d like the picture:) I will email you about it tomorrow.

  6. Thanks for the warm welcome. I would love to read the book. I’ve just googled it and did you know the author has a website? I’ll find the link for you.
    I need something to kickstart my motivation again. I’ve stayed the same this week but I’m really not at 100% effort. Any motivation tips anyone might have would be very helpful at this stage.
    Thank you again for this. I know it will be so helpful – it has come at just the right time. I don’t want to put any weight on and undo all the good but I don’t feel in the mood at the moment – the initial excitement has worn off!

    1. Thank you Viv! I will set my mind this week to think of something to motivate you! I will have to take a peek at the website. I did know she had one but as yet haven’t visited it. Thanks for sharing!

    2. I’ll share my motivation and maybe it will help you. This group is my motivation! I don’t want to let any of you down. I’ve tried several times before but I’ve never had the support of other people going through the process with me. We accept each other where we are and cheer each other on. My husband noticed my efforts and he’s joined us. Thank you Claire and everyone here! Your efforts and honesty keep me motivated and I want to return the same support to this community.

      1. Audria, I am so pleased we ‘met’ and you are here to cheer everyone on!! I just love your enthusiasm and motivation. Thank YOU for joining in so whole heartedly, I love it!

  7. What great progress Claire! I spent the afternoon on Sunday walking around a town that is all on a steep incline – and have been feeling the (unintentional) workout in my thighs and derriere ever since – sitting down elicits wincing 🙂 Maybe I could make that my exercise regime…. visit more small towns.

    1. Walking round an old town regardless of the incline sounds a much better option than being at a gym! Think of all the pounds I could lose (in money!) whilst in said town! Fun, fun, fun!

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