When you wonder where on earth your daughter has come from…..

Setting scene: Half-term for the Angelicscalliwags school.  Everyone up late, no-one dressed, everyone ploughing away at the chores.  Me filling LETL forms for Lillie’s photography.  Six year old rushes up to me:

B6: Mummy, can we do some work today, y’know, inside, outside, cleaning….?

MeYes, I was planning on getting some housework done today.

B6 (rushing upstairs to her bedroom where A9 currently is putting away clothes)A!  A!  Guess what?  Mummy says we can do some work today!  (turning to me) Oh!  Thank you, thank you, thank you!  This means we can organise our socks……!

I just felt I should record that for posterity 😉





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