Woodland Sticker Sheet {Small Business}

Woodland Sticker Sheet

Yesterday I added my new Woodland Sticker Sheet to my Etsy Shop. I could not be more pleased with how they turned out! It was a huge learning curve as I set about separating the elements in my drawings, making them transparent and then adding in enough of a white background for them to be cut with an even white margin. I know I showed you how I made them and then the final designs. This post is just to give you a glimpse of them in action!

This will be a picture heavy post…

My Woodland Sticker Sheet

I have chosen 12 colours that are my ‘brand’ colours, which I use across every platform. These brand colours contain six dark colours and six colours which are a few shades lighter. I chose one dark colour (in this case orange) and its lighter pair, to create each sticker sheet. Eventually, I want to have a sticker sheet in each of my brand colours.

Woodland Sticker Sheet

These stickers were designed taking elements from my woodland greetings card:

Woodland Sticker Sheet

A close up:

Close up

A close up of one to show size:

Mouse sticker

I’ve used them to decorate the envelopes of the card:

Decorating the card

As well as decorating my academic planner:

Decorating my planner

And all wrapped up, ready to be sent off to its new owner:

Woodland Sticker sheet wrapped up

I’m ridiculously proud of myself!

I’ve linked my Etsy shop up at the top of this post. This is the first time I’ve made it available to anyone outside my family, so I’m a little nervous. My plans going forward are to have a shop page at the top of my website. This will show all the products I am selling but will link to either Etsy or Amazon to actually buy them.

I’m hoping to have an actual shop up and running on my website at the beginning of next year so I don’t have to rely on Etsy or Amazon. Until then, I shall just provide the links.


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