Our Resident Nutter…

Charlotte has been musing quite a bit recently….wondering why the singular of sheep is not shoop, and why one fish is not called a foosh.  She is constantly philosophising over random inconsequential the very important things in life and often wanders into a room, states the particular muse of the day and wanders out, leaving the rest of us wondering where on earth she came from and what on earth she was talking about.  I am used to just absentmindedly nodding at her diatribe, although I have to admit to giggling on more than one occasion as what she says finally registers with my brain (often when she is long gone).  Charlotte is a very funny girl, even though I ‘m fairly certain most of the time she doesn’t mean to be 🙂

Just today, I was sat at the computer and I heard her excitedly exclaim that she had written a poem for Daddy.  She continued that she had been thinking that she would be an adult in three years time and wondering out loud what on earth Gary and I were going to do without her!  I smiled.  Because, you know, we did have a life before her and I’m fairly certain we will survive without her.  That said, the poem she read out was so incredibly cute and loving, just like my little Charlotte, that I thought I would share.

You were there from the moment I opened my eyes,
You said so many hellos and no goodbyes,
You watched me, influenced me in ways,
you will never understand, advice that’ll stick with me all my days,
You were the first man to wait for me, for those months, that half an hour,
And you gave me a name better than any other, you called me daughter,
And as I grew you continued to be the main man in my life,
My guardian, my protector when I’m buried in strife,
When I was 9 I wanted to be just like you,
I copied how you acted and spoke, grew strong and true,
And even when mum fell ill you never left us,
You looked after her, cared for us, plus
Working every day, months passed and she began to heal,
And though you were tired, if shoe laces needed tying you would kneel,
On tired knees, but you never gave up,
through those years you were everyone’s backup,
Now I’m a teen, an adult in three years,
I know when I leave there’ll be tears,
One day another man will take place in my heart,
He’ll help to stop me falling apart,
he’ll take me home with him one day,
and ‘I do’ is all that’ll be left to say,
But you will still be the man in my life,
even if there is another who calls me wife.



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