A Day in the Life of a Home-Schooling Family: Day 122

I thought I’d show you Lillie’s photography work, charting Charlotte’s journey through ME last year. I have snipped her final twelve photos from her project document, along with her notes:

This morning, Thomas had a driving lesson and then was dropped off by his driving instructor to the station to catch the train to college. Lillie was dropped off at work by Gary. She so loves working at the nursery, and they give her so many opportunities for further education – it is such a blessing for her. Charlotte headed over to mum’s to sit her second to last sample Latin Language paper before the exam on Monday. I tested the littles on their Latin vocab and their maths tables, after which I read a great lesson on functions, domains and codomains from Life of Fred: Farm. They then headed off to do some workbooks. The race is on to get this set finished by tomorrow…

Gary was home today and helped me out with household chores which I’ve neglected over the past wee while, like cleaning the fridge:

Whilst Gary finished this off before lunch, Charlotte sat her second paper of the day (Latin Literature on the Aeneid), I marked the one she did earlier on (74% – much better than yesterday’s!) and the littles completed their work books and a couple of self tests. I did a spelling test for both of them and then read out the next Mystery of History lesson to them on Samson. Lastly, I completed the second chapter on Democritus and atoms from Science in Ancient Times.

Becs listening as I read aloud. This girl can not sit still!

Just before Gary and I left to pick up Lillie and find a supplier of hydrogen peroxide for the aforementioned science lesson’s experiment, Abs and Becs got some exercise in with the jogging game for wii:

Oh, and Abigail received her next ‘Curiosity Box’ all about earth:

This afternoon, the littles will be doing a few more self tests, Lil will be completing some more photography and Charlotte is writing an essay on the foundation stories of Greek and Rome.

Abigail will then be going to her drama class with Evie-Mai and Becca will be heading off to gymnastics. I need to start planning for next week and creating some more past papers for Charlotte. Just a few short weeks, and it will all be over!

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