A Day in the Life of a Homeschooling Family: Day 16

It’s so good to be up and about again! Lillie was working a full day today and so I needed to give her a lift. It was Baltic! Actually it wasn’t but after four days in bed it sure felt like it.

After Lil was dropped off we got on with chores:

whilst listening to Thomas banging away on his new drums:

And then school:

Which all three zipped through! Charlotte took the littles to the village bakery to pick up a yummy treat.

I smiled as I heard her exclaiming ‘We have a new level!  It’s not inside out, or wrong way round, it’s upside down!’ Wondering what she was talking about (as I so often do) I came to a cute scene of sister helping sister get her coat the right way in, the right way round and the right way up, with a little bit of flourish added for good measure when she spotted the camera (of course!):

It is never boring with Charlotte in the house!

The one thing I wanted to get done today was to finish learning about Mars for our astronomy unit. Seriously, if I go any slower I will be moving backwards and we’ll be learning about the moon again!

Anyway, the girls did a cross word together, along with the Bible copywork:

And then we got to the fun of creating our very own Mars model which we had got the basics of:

The girls added some plant material to the inside ecosystem and then began to paint it a red/rust colour:

The paint was mainly there to act as a slight adhesive for when we added the rusty sand we made:

And lastly, the girls exploded the volcano:

It’s amazing just how much a bit of vinegar and baking soda can capture the attention of two young girls, even though they have seen it and done it a bazillion times before… I left them to it whilst I wrote up some of the astronomy post.

A quick visit with a treasured friend finished our morning off nicely:

After lunch, Charlotte settled herself down at my feet for a lovely long chat. Y’know, these chats are probably the most important part of homeschooling. It gives the teens a chance to work their way through any issues, problems or feelings, and gives me treasured time with my off spring! It’s fascinating sometimes to see the inner workings of their minds, especially that of my youngest twin, who often sees the world and thinks about things in a very unique way. Here she is reading out the letter she wrote to the educational minister putting forward her proposal to do away with maths as a necessity for getting into university:

The afternoon brought with it many, and I mean many, phone calls with requests for lifts. I swear I had more phone calls than I do children! Any way, I was the taxi service for the afternoon, collecting Gary, who was now down with the same infection I had, from work; then Thomas from the next town up except he had made it home (unbeknownst to me) feeling ill as well; and finally Lillie from work.

I love taking Lillie to work or picking her up because it means we get to spend some time alone together. As the mostly quieter twin (especially since Charlotte’s ME seems to be improving exponentially) it is always lovely to listen to her chat about her day at the nursery. Bless her, she is really loving life at the moment and is so happy. Makes my mummy heart very glad.

But boy do she and Charlotte miss each other when they are apart! This is them shaking each others hands on Lil’s arrival home, giggling madly:

Before falling into a tight loving hug. They just adore each other (I just happened to have my camera with me after snapping their younger sisters with their friend – I don’t stalk my children for photos…honest!):

The little ones had a lovely afternoon playing with one of their favouritest friends:

As I finish off this post, I have chicken soup bubbling away for Gary, Charlotte has taken her younger sisters to choir for me, Thomas is recording some music for college:

And Lillie is sitting in her office writing down maths formulae ‘in pretty hand writing’ so she can stick it on her wall and ‘have it with her always’…

You what now?!


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