A Little Bit of This and a Little Bit of That

As the last day of our Christmas holidays draws in, everyone is trying to make the most of the free time they have before school starts one more time.

Thomas is watching podcasts on music production and how to get his own music ‘out there’, at the same time as working hard to earn enough money to get his van on the road. He comes home aching and tired, but satisfied with the hard physical labour he has put his body through.

Lillie, unfortunately, has had to start school a week early in order to finish her Art IGCSE equivalent by next Friday. The pressure’s on, but I think she’ll do it:

Lillie melting the wax for her batik scarf she is creating with her own design for her final piece

She has also become our resident hair cutter, so we have all been getting trims before school starts:

Here she is finishing off Abigail’s hair

Charlotte has been editing her latest book, and been making good use of her time for socialising with friends new and old. She has been pain free for the past week or so, but was up late last night worrying about the inevitable crash to come. Between us we have come up with a plan to take it easy for the next few days to try to avoid the crash. She is so scared she will return to the pain and exhaustion she had just a few short weeks ago. Sigh. Chronic illness is so hard sometimes. Any how, I encouraged her to think about the good and how much better she has been of late. We’ll deal with the crash if or when she has one.

Abigail has been enjoying the freedom of doing science experiments all by herself, safe in the knowledge that everything has been provided in the kits which are being sent to her each month. So far she has learnt about Borax and made some elf snot, in addition to learning about the properties of thermochromic putty:

Science experiments in the kitchen

Abs has learnt about the properties of heat movement including conduction, convection and radiation. You can see her above making a ‘YouTube’ video of herself doing all the different experiments to do with her thermochromic putty.

She is currently recreating Abs Labs inside the house instead of the Little House outside. We have gifted her a corner in the dining room for all her equipment and science experimentations.

Becca has spent almost all of her spare time in the cupboard in her bedroom which we made into an arts and crafts area for her Christmas present:

Busily crafting away

She has been creating a 3D thank you card for Granny next-door:

Here is the card:

Flowers with handcrafted bumble bees.

She made the bumble bees by painting a pompom yellow and black and cutting a corner of a cellophane bag and sticking it on to make the wings:

Clever no?

Gary and I have been going through the large shed in our back garden. Since building it, we have primarily used is for storage. We have plans though to move Thomas out there when he turns eighteen. It is large enough to create a small bedroom and a large music studio away from the house. We are hoping it will be a great halfway house between living at home and living away from home, and will give him the space he needs to start up his own recording studio.

We have also been clearing a large area down the side of the house for growing vegetables. After my success at keeping alive a handful of plants and herbs last year, I am hopeful for fruit and veg this year. Well, a girl can dream, can she not?!


  1. I just love how you find all these little niches and corners to help your children grow and thrive. It’s always an inspiration to read and see how you’ve supported them.

  2. The craft closet is adorable. That little bee is so cute. What a lovely creative family you have. I always love catching up.
    Blessings, Dawn

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