Christmas Angels

My Christmas present from Becca was a Christmas angel:

She wrapped it up very carefully in tissue paper and included a tiny bottle of fairy dust. Becca and I are very close. She is a mummy’s girl through and through.

Yesterday, we packed away all the Christmas stuff: decorations, the Christmas tree, the Jesse tree, the nativity scene and the stockings. Everything. Except my Christmas angel. I love it so much. Every time I look at it my heart swells with love for Becs.

So I have decided to give it pride of place on my CD player by my bed. It will not join all the other decorations in a storage box to be brought out in twelve months time. This bundle of love will stand over my bed to remind me of a gorgeous little seven year old who searched and searched for just the right gift, wrapped it up with such care and love.

The huge smile on her face when I told her I was keeping her Christmas angel out because I loved it so much was priceless. Have I ever mentioned how much I like being a mummy??


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