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I am currently creating a Unit Study for Mesopotamia. It will all be available free on my blog, but my long term goal is to gather all the resources together and sell as a six-week unit study. I am slowly going through my Mega Mesopotamia Unit Study post to create one huge post which includes free notepages, STEM design sheets and lots and lots of ideas for hands on learning.

One of the things I am hoping to produce alongside this is instructional videos for how to do a lot of the hands on activities I mention. I am currently writing my first three videos for my YouTube Channel. I have also attempted to film them. Yes, well, let’s just say the world is not ready to see Claire in all her prime awkwardness…

However, I am going to conquer my fears, if it kills me…and it might very well do that when I die of embarrassment!

Anyway, I would love your feedback regarding the activities you’d like to see. Remember they have to be Mesopotamia related…but I’m open to anything! Also, if there are extra note booking pages you’d like me to include, do let me know. I’m only about a quarter the way through the Mega Mesopotamia Unit Study post…but, again, I’m open to any ideas or additions you’d think might improve it.

Please do leave a message or contact in using the form in the contact box above (top right-hand corner of my website) or simply email me at clairestewart@angelicscalliwags.com

Thank you all so much for helping me out with this ❤️


  1. I love your unit studies!!!!!
    Thank you for doing this!
    I’d love to see instruction on how to make a cylinder seal – we tried to do something similar to you but ours failed so bad!!

  2. A more realistic model of a ziggurat?
    It would be good to be able to make one that is more accurate than just Lego or boxes on top of each other

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