A Year in the Life of a Home-Schooler: Days 168

The weekend had gone by in a blur. One of the children’s friends was feeling fragile and was struggling with the imminent death of a family member. We wanted to be there to love and support him. He is one of the older children’s favourite people in the world. Needless to say there were a lot of teens struggling to sleep Saturday night.

The twins had been particularly looking forward to Sunday, as they were meeting up with friends in London and going to their first London concert with RoadTrip. Lillie had planned it meticulously, and they had been saving up for months.

The day before Gary and I had gone out for breakfast and he had shared with me that the closer it got to the time the more nervous he was about them being in London by themselves. Gary makes me cry sometimes. He is such a fabulous dad. It was the club championships at the golf course he manages. This always means long days in the run up to it, and he had worked a twelve hour day on Friday and a split twelve hour day on Saturday as well getting up at four Sunday and setting up the course. Yet here he was, thinking he and I should take the littles up to London to be there just in case his older daughters needed him.

So Sunday we spent the day up in London with the littles, whilst the twins enjoyed RoadTrip. We hung around Leicester Square watching the street performers and relaxing in the deck chairs in front of the fountain. In the afternoon we went to see Aladdin at Cineworld and some how managed to spend £36 on sweets and drinks!! London prices…bah humbug!

Anyway all four girls thoroughly enjoyed themselves and we all managed to coordinate our trains that we caught the same train home. Poor ol’ Gary was exhausted, but his girls were all safe and sound and that was all that mattered to him.

Yesterday came and we were all feeling it a bit from the weekend. All five of us struggled through the morning, but we were not nearly as energetic as normal. I chose to school from the chair with the littles snuggled up on either side. We did a heap of Latin together, and the girls learnt about nouns and adjectives in Latin, as well as word order (which is different to English). They translated some descriptive passages and had to describe themselves to each other, and then describe each other to each other (if you see what I mean?!)

I also read about pollination from our Botany book and a couple of chapters from The Secrets of Vesuvius. The girls then played a quick game at the table:

We did a bit of tidying and organising in the living room, and managed to get rid of two huge bags of games, which will be going to the charity shop:

We hoovered and dusted areas that had not been hoovered or dusted for… well, I wouldn’t like to say… a long time, anyway!

We were all losing it a bit at this time. The older girls were tired. The younger girls were tired. Their mother was tired. And I am sure poor Gary was still exhausted! We called it a day, much to the delight of everyone. I didn’t even have the energy to write a post. So here it is a day late 🙂


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