A Year in the Life of a Home-Schooling Family: Day 109

My eight year old made porridge this morning for the masses, all by herself. She wasn’t asked to do it, she just decided. Becs rolled the oats and cooked one dairy free porridge for Charlotte and a larger dairy one for everyone else, with nuts, seeds and frozen blue berries!

Just before school, I captured Lillie and her younger siblings painting denim patches to put on their ripped jeans:

Lillie is mad about cacti at the moment so she painted one with a cactus on it:

Today, school-wise, we were finishing up bits and bobs…First up was botanics chapter one. We had done all the reading and most of the activities, but we had some journaling gaps. The girls created a map of their newly planted vegetable garden and another for their herb garden:

whilst I printed out photographs of them doing some of the activities, to stick into their journals.

Charlotte continued learning about the Aeneid:

She is quite distractible at the moment because she is giving her testimony at church Sunday evening, and I think is quite nervous. It will cover the past year of being ill and how God was always there, even in the dark times. She talks about ME now in such positive light, and she genuinely feels like it has been the making of her (I would agree!).

Lillie finished a maths lesson and her photography, after which she continued with the Art Lab on scratch art with the littles:

This has been the least successful art lab we have done. I have bought some scratch art card which should be delivered tomorrow. The girls and I intend to have some fun over the weekend with it and they can use it to finish up their scratch art Art Lab on Monday.

After a break and devotions, Charlotte verbally translated a passage of Latin to me and answered some comprehension questions on it. She then watched some YouTube videos about the Greek and Roman underworld and about Heracles and Hercules.

Lil finished up the bibliography for her photography and carried on with her denim patches she was making this morning. How cool are they?

Once she had finished, she made lunch for everyone.

Meanwhile the littles completed their ACE work books:

And did a crossword based on all they have been learning in their botanics unit study:

I then taught the girls how to sew a button onto material, after which they practised by sewing their chosen button onto the needle books they had been working on yesterday:

They were chuffed with the results:

Lastly, before lunch, I tested them on their Latin vocab and their tables. I then read the next chapter of the Thieves of Ostia.

This afternoon I was taken out for a coke by my lovely son, and so took the rest of the afternoon off!

Have a great weekend everyone!


  1. That sounds like a lovely day of schooling! We are finishing up a few lessons this afternoon as we’ve been working rather sporadically all day. It’s rainy and miserable and I think we’re all just a bit blah today.

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