Life of Fred: Edgewood Revision Booklet {Free Download}

I’ve made some more notebooking pages, this time going over the work covered in Life of Fred: Edgewood. I use this Life of Fred: Edgewood Revision Booklet to make sure the girls have understood the concepts from that book before moving on to the next Life of Fred book:

Life of Fred: Edgewood – Quadrilaterals and Parallel Lines

I made two work sheets for checking the girls ‘ understanding of parallel lines and quadrilaterals. The first was a map for them to find the different quadrilaterals on using the boundary lines, roads and paths. They could use them also to find some parallel lines:

On the second page, I drew the different quadrilaterals and the girls had to mark the parallel lines, the right angles and any concurrent lines:

Life of Fred: Edgewood – Median Average

The next two pages need the student to use their knowledge of the median average to work out the middle value of first some playing cards:

and then the values thrown using a die. This sheet can be laminated and reused time and time again:

Life of Fred: Edgewood – Function Machine

I made a function machine for the girls to laminate and use over and over:

I created some easy function to use, but as we do the harder books, these will get harder also:

And a load of numbers to be used for the input and output:

The girls loved using this machine and it really helped them to see the maths of a function.

You are most welcome to download and print this booklet free from the link below:

Edgewood Revision Booklet

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