A Year in the Life of a Home-Schooling Family: Day 113

We began the morning by making simple sentences form the Latin flash cards. This was a slightly unusual start to the day, but I had meant to do it yesterday but plain forgot!

I thought it would be such a simple activity, but honestly it took ages!

Whilst Charlotte went round to mum’s for Latin vocab testing, and Lillie did a màths lesson, I tested the girls on their Latin vocab and tables. They then did their workbooks until Lillie was free to bake some cookies with them:

Once the cookies were in the oven, the girls returned to their workbooks:

Lillie left for work:

And Charlotte completed a Latin language past paper (which she got 72% for). Shortly after Thomas left for Reading to help a friend set up their own sound studio:

We all had a snack and did our devotions before going back to work. Charlotte learnt some more of the Aenead prescribed passages. The girls made a rocket which was powered just by their lungs. It was a fairly quick activity from The Curiosity Box:

Afterwards, I began reading the second chapter of the Botany book on seeds. The girls created some petri dishes full of water-drenched polymer stuff and ‘planted’ two bean seeds:

Once the beans have begun sprouting they will be planted in a see through container from which the girls can keep a close eye on it and watch their growth carefully.

Sticking with plants, we went and had a good look at the vegetable garden:

And picked some salad leaves for lunch:

We also completed a Mystery of History lesson on the Trojan Horse, and I read a great little book on the same subject:

Lastly, I began reading the next lesson from Science in the Ancient World, about Democritus and his thoughts on atoms. The girls studied a photo of a painting of Democritus, first with their own eyes:

With a magnifying glass:

And then with a powerful pen-scope:

The girls could see, as they were brought closer to the painting via the magnification, the dots which make up the picture.

During lunch, Abs finished up her workbooks and I marked Charlotte’s exam paper.

The afternoon was spent doing some MEL science with Abigail. She chose the foil etching experiment. As always, it was very cool!

Whilst we were busy with this, Charlotte revised all about the Temple of Zeus and Greek and Roman sacrifice. Becca learnt how to make a strawberry mouse from a packet. Nice and easy, needing no adult supervision:

I am working through this book at the moment, which lists thing by age that the children should know to do so that they are ready for adulthood. It’s a useful guide and suggests things I would not have thought of:

To finish up the day, I tested Charlotte on her Latin culture and then read a couple of chapters from our new Roman book, The Secrets of Vesuvius:

The afternoon was spent with Charlotte who had a hand therapy appointment. Her last as it happens – she was discharged today. Yay!

We are having a relaxed evening with Gary as he is off to some grass conference (yes, you did read that correctly!) for the next three days.

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