A Year in the Life of a Home-Schooling Family: Day 112

The race is on. Charlotte’s first exam is two weeks today! It’s her Latin Language exam, arguably the hardest paper for her. She has learnt all the vocab, and will continue to revise this each day with Granny, but she needs to work a bit on the grammar. Charlotte knows half of it really well and half of it not so well. I made her up five past papers at the weekend, for her to practice her language skills each day this week. Next week, she will also be doing some past papers from the back of her text book. So we’ve got her covered!

Today she began school with a meeting avec moi. I wanted to go over what she needed to learn this week, so we were on the same page, so to speak. It’s a particularly hard week Classics wise as she has to learn all about the Roman and Greek temples. I created some revision pages for her over the weekend, which I hope will make it easy for her to focus and learn the important stuff. After the meeting she went over to Granny’s to be tested on her vocab.

Lillie worked a maths lesson, completing an end of topic test and achieving 72% on it. She thinks she will have finished the course by September and will be going over past papers after that. We haven’t decided whether she will take her exam in January or June.

I spent some time with the littles testing them on their Latin vocab and their tables and read one more chapter of the Thieves of Ostia. I then had them partnership read Becca’s Creative Writing reading book. She panics when she has to read a chapter by herself as they are quite long. Partnership reading helps reduce the panic:

Whilst they were doing that, I was cutting out some of the flash cards I made Charlotte over the weekend. She has seven long passages of the Aeneid which she has to learn off by heart (in Latin) and be able to talk about vocab, grammar and stylistic techniques that Virgil used:

Next, Charlotte began learning her third passage of the Aeneid for her second exam, whilst Lillie continued on with her Location Photography Project:

The littles did their ACE workbooks, completing their Maths, English and Creative Writing. Abigail did her maths test from last week:

Before break, Lillie came and completed the scratch art from last week. I had sent off for some proper scratch art paper as our home-made version hadn’t worked:

For break, all the girls went for a walk, had some dried fruit and nuts for a snack and did their devotions.

The next hour and a half was much of the same, with Lillie continuing with photography, Charlotte sitting her Latin Language practice paper and the littles doing the rest of their work books in Science, Social Studies and Word-Building. After they had finished, we got together to finish off some work from the units we are doing.

I wanted them to make some soap for their Botany unit study to finish off unit one:

They melted goats milk soap base and added chopped up Lavender, some purple flowers and some Lavender essential oils. After they had spooned the mixture into muffin cases and left them to dry, they unpeeled them and placed them in a jar for use upstairs:

Next, to finish off unit one of our Rome study, the girls made a wax tablet each to write out an invitation in Latin. I had precut some frames from card. They melted some wax and a black wax crayon:

then filled up the middle of their frames with the melted black wax:

And then left them to dry for use after lunch. We did a quick tidy up and then went to pick some salad for lunch:

During lunch, I marked Charlotte’s Latin exam which she got 55% for which is a pass, whilst everyone else relaxed for an hour. After lunch, Lil did some, yes you guessed it, some photography! Charlotte learnt all about temples for her classics:

whilst the littles did some writing Latin onto their wax tablets:

This was so cool, even though Becs struggled to fit in all the words:

We stuck them on the paper mache map we made:

Lastly, Lil read a Mystery of History lesson about Ramses and a Life of Fred lesson and I then finished the last chapter of the Thieves of Ostia. We are all ready to start new chapters in almost everything tomorrow!

Gary and I went shopping for groceries, and I am about to cook dinner: tarragon chicken and sweet potatoes. The littles are outside; Charlotte is out at the cinema with a friend; Lillie will be baby-sitting soon and Thomas is out at a gig tonight. Busy, busy.

Have a lovely evening everyone!

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