A Year in the Life of a Home-Schooling Family: Day 163

This morning I awoke bright and breezy, and woke everyone else up to join me ๐Ÿ™‚ They groaned but I think they quietly actually enjoy the time it gives them in the morning…

I took the littles to the park after a scrummy oatmeal breakfast. We were there for about half an hour and whilst the littles played a while, I read a chapter of my newest addition to my ever growing book collection. It was so wonderful to sit and listen to the girls giggles whilst I read.

Back home and the littles did their workbooks:

Whilst the older children worked at mร ths (Charlotte) and GCSEs (Lillie):

Once a half an hour was up, we moved into the kitchen to finish off our work of the past couple of days. We cleared and cleaned under the cabinets. Lillie was such a warrior because it has to be one of the hardest jobs to do, with so much rubbish and debris getting stuck behind the counters:

We worked for just half an hour, but because there was five of us we managed to get heaps done.

The next school session I did the tables flash cards and the Latin vocab flash cards, after which the girls created their own sentences with the cards:

I then read the next lesson on atoms from Science in the Ancient World, and the girls and I planned to make up some atoms from grapes and raisins after lunch. I also read another couple of chapters from the Secrets of Vesuvius. Lillie was doing Chemistry for GCSE and she is not exactly loving it. She needs it to do nursing, but it is not something which she is naturally interested in. Anyway, half way through her studies, she quietly came into the dining room where we were working, began banging her head on the table and then left:

She’s not a fan of all things chemical

Then it was back to the kitchen. We are so close to finishing. I’m not sure why this time is so different from any other time I’ve been through the kitchen, but I am not finding it hard at all to get rid of things which clutter up my kitchen cabinets:

The littles popped out to pick some more berries for our yearly jam. We’ve not got enough yet but we are getting there. We freeze each batch so that at the end of the season we can make a decent amount of jam:

I popped down to the village shops and bought the most gorgeous rocket, tomatoes on the vine and melon for a salad. I added some Camembert and a vinegar and olive oil dressing. It was scrumyum! :

I can’t tell you how lovely it is to be eating healthily again. Gosh, it is sooooo good to have time in my day for something other than working at the computer, testing Charlotte and marking past papers. Life is pretty darn good at the moment!

After lunch, I read the next Mystery of History lesson on Israel dividing, as well as a couple of lessons of Life of Fred and another chapter of the Secrets of Vesuvius:

And then we made some fruit atoms. This was so much fun! I know Becca struggled with the whole concept of an atom, and I’m not sure she completely understood after we created some, but she sure did have fun eating them afterwards!

They both did a great job, and we all found it interesting to see the similarities between one of the smallest things of God’s creations (the atom), compared with one of the largest (the solar system). It was great to use the girls understanding of orbits and orbiting of the planets around the sun to explain the orbits and orbiting of the electrons around the nucleus of neutrons and protons:

The last thing we did today, before finishing off the kitchen (yay!), is finish off the sewing project the girls had to put on hold during the exam period- making an apple shaped pin cushions:

The girls had got quite far already, so it didn’t take long to finish up:

They did a great job, and it was interesting to see their enthusiasm when I told them that their next project was to make their own drawstring needlework bag to keep all their bits in. Here are the projects we have completed so far:

A good day all in all!

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