A Year in the Life of a Homeschooling Family: Day 164

This was a funny ol’ day today with mum coming back from holiday (I have been cat-sitting for her for the past week), Thomas, who is working such long hours at the moment at college (and loving every minute of it!) and Lillie, who had a ‘Singing with Makaton’ course in a nearby town. She and I spent over an hour in the car getting there whilst trying to avoid an accident which had caused trail back queues. By the time I got back home in was past 930. The littles had finished their workbooks and jumped on me when I returned home, begging for a lolly! Whilst cleaning out our kitchen yesterday we came across a stack of ice lolly moulds. So I made up a load of them and the girls were anxious to try them out this morning:

Charlotte was upstairs tidying her room, and hadn’t started her màths yet. So I made the executive decision to continue on with school for another half an hour. Charlotte got some màths done and the littles and I did màths and Latin flash cards. I then read a couple more chapters of the Secrets of Vesuvius, which is getting really exciting!

We finished the bathroom and kitchen yesterday, and I am so pleased. I have been ruthless and we have much more room than we had before and it’s incredible to have it organised like it is. Today we began on the small hallway. This room has become a bit of this and bit of that type room, so this week I want to give it a more defined purpose. Gary had built a larder in this space, but I feel like I don’t make the best use of it. This will be my little project over the next few days. The girls therefore focused their efforts on the books part of the hall. Charlotte was delighted! They were all books from her childhood, and she spent a good half an hour ooohing and aaahing over almost every book!

Before lunch, we squeezed in a couple of Life of Fred lessons and the Mystery of History lesson on Elijah. I also read a few more chapters of the Secrets of Vesuvius. We’ve almost finished reading it and are looking forward to watching the film, maybe at the weekend.

Lunch was a delicious mean of rocket, tomatoes, cucumbers, red and green grapes and Camembert. It is SO good to be eating well again! I spent the lunch break making some school notes for tomorrow.

The afternoon was spent finishing up an Art Lab lesson from a few weeks ago, pre-exams:

Becca was happy to be doing some art again, and I think did a really good job of following instructions concerning the relative sizes of the bears head, body and legs:

I’m so pleased to see her enjoying the process rather than letting her perfectionist tendencies rob her of her joy:

Poor Abigail had started a beautiful drawing, but unfortunately used the black pastel to outline the arms (it is best to avoid using the black pastel) and she decided to start again:

She wasn’t very happy with it (as you can see by the look on her face). I think she maybe felt rushed after needing to restart 🙁 I loved the face of her bear as it has such a cute expression on its face!

I needed to go and collect Lillie from her course. Bless her, she’d had such a great time. She chatted enthusiastically the whole way home. I love seeing her so happy. She has decided to start teaching the littles sign language each day, which is perfect because they had asked a couple of days ago for me to arrange for them to have half an hour a day with each of their big sisters.

I do love my family!

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  1. Sounds like a wonderful day (aside from the traffic). I just love that your littles get so excited about spending time with the bigs (and vice-versa!).

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