A Year in the Life of a Home-Schooling Family: Day 171

This is a very, very quick post today. With high temperatures forecast in the UK we decided to have a topsy turvy day today. Gary was at home. We had already decided that each of his days off we would spend some time clearing out the shed. We are trying to create a teen den down in the shed but first it needs to be cleared and insulated. I am doing the clearing whilst Gary is doing the insulating. As it was to be so hot this afternoon, we decided to clear and insulate during the cooler morning and to homeschool during the hotter afternoon.

Thomas was around to help for a short while, Charlotte came to lend a hand in between maths practice exam papers:

and the littles were my super gophers and lead untangle-ers:

I cleared about twenty boxes of old home-school resources. It’s surprisingly hard to part with but I am doing my best. I have about twenty more to do. Gary managed to get all the walls insulated, and will be banging wood over the insulation for some clean and clear walls for the electrics to go on and for Lillie to decorate:

I went out for lunch with my mum to our local Italian. I do love spending time with her. Mums are so precious.

After lunch I came home full and not very raring to go. The temperature wasn’t too high on account of the wind, but we were all feeling a bit lethargic. Nonetheless, the littles did their workbooks (English, Maths, Wordbuilding, Creative Writing, Social Studies and Science), and Charlotte completed her level one in maths and did multiple past papers. She will be moving onto Level Two (GCSE standard) on Monday which she has about three and a half weeks to complete. Against all the odds, she is getting there. She hates every single moment of it, but she is not being so vocal about it and is knuckling down to get the work done. However, this (and worry about a beloved friend) is making her ‘stressie and depressie’ (her words!) so I think we are all looking forward to it ending so she can on with enjoying a whole month off to do nothing!

So once again this week my post is late! I am not doing so well at getting these written in time. I think I may be beginning to wind down for the summer. This is a bit premature, so I will give myself a good talking to and be better next week. Honest.


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  1. We’ve been trying to get chores and outside work done early in the morning too before the full force of the sun comes out. It’s been surprisingly warm this week.

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