A Year in the Life of a Home-Schooling Family: Day 175

Year in the life of a home schooler

Whoops, I am really not doing well at getting these posts up right now. The main reason is that we are definitely slowing the pace right now. I have lots of odds and ends to finish off before we break for the summer in three weeks time, which I am slowly working my way through. Slowly is the operative word here 🙂

Yesterday began with breakfast, chores and teen chats (very important for teen mental health well-being!). We then began the school day. Right now, the littles are eagerly finishing off their ACE workbooks, having been told that once they finish there are no more to do until term begins again in September. They did them up in their bedroom, whilst I did a thorough clean of the upstairs:

Lillie began working her way through her GCSE subjects:

Lillie is by far my messiest child, but it always makes me smile because she is SO creative and rarely notices the ensuing mess which seems to follow her where ever she goes. It’s funny because her personality is very stable, very thoughtful and all round lovely. I would expect Charlotte, with her nutty personality, to be disorganised and messy, but instead she loves things to be tidy. It is so much fun having twins!

Charlotte has currently moved on to Level Two in her maths. This is the level she needs to pass for her functional maths. And she hates Every. Single. Moment. of it 🙁

She is doing a level 1 past paper each day to prepare her for the level two ones she will do once she has covered all the work. Her mind just is not mathematically wired at all, and she has only passed one out of three papers. I feel for her because it frustrates her so much. As a teen who is very intelligent and finds most school related stuff interesting and relatively easy, maths is a complete enigma to her. We shall keep plodding on and praying that by some miracle she will pass this exam.

Becca finished her work book work for the day earlier than her sister, so I had her tidy and organise her art studio, whilst her sister finished off her maths:

She spends every spare moment in her cupboard art studio, crafting away, singing happily to herself

We are currently going through all the children’s old school stuff and toys and deciding what to keep and what to get rid of. Big Lego kept the girls playing for hours today, proving that Lego has no age limit 😉

A keeper, I think!

Once work books had been finished, and Lego been played with, I did some maths and Latin vocab flash cards. The number of flash cards I have them do is getting larger by the week, so today as we went through them, I put to one side all the ones I was fairly confident they knew off by heart. I will continue to test them on these once a week on a Friday. I also read and finished insect and wind pollination from Botany.

It was then time to pick up one of the twin’s friends from a nearby town, so I quickly ate lunch and dragged Charlotte along to go through her maths paper.

She was delighted.

I lie.

During the afternoon, all the children went to the park, whilst I finished off upstairs. I am delighted that slowly but surely my home is returning to somewhat normality with regards to the mess.

Gary and I finished off the day grocery shopping, and I spent some precious time with one of my favourite people in the world, Nik. The girls spent a very girlie night in (and did everything they could think of to persuade Thomas to join them!) doing face masks and eating flumps and ice-cream:

Not a very very productive day, but leisurely and purposeful none the less.

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