A Year in the Life of a Home-Schooling Family: Day 65

‘Mummy, Mummy!’ squealed Abigail, ‘Oscar pooed all over the dining room floor last night, and I have diagnosed that he has mild diarrhoea!’

‘I checked it against my Bristol stool chart!’ she finished, very obviously satisfied with both herself and her conclusion.

I could imagine Charlotte’s face, had she heard her little sister’s exclamation, and her reply… ‘There was nothing mild about Oscar’s poo!’ Charlotte had been first down this morning and had very kindly bravely cleaned it all up. Poor Oscar. He’s almost 100 in doggy years, 15 in human years. For a lab to reach 15 is fairly rare. The average age span is 12. Yet it has only been the last few months that he has really started to show his age 🙁

My morning consisted of taking Lillie to her Makaton training in a nearby town. It was lovely to have some time with only her, and we covered a myriad of subjects during the half an hour drive. When I got home, Charlotte was about to go over to Granny’s house, the littles were sitting at the table, cup of tea in hand, doing their work books, and Thomas (who looks so tired at the moment) was walking out of the door to go to college. Within minutes all was quiet. Just how I like it.

The girls didn’t finish their workbooks today until gone 11, so we squeezed in some Chinese silk painting before lunch:

We left the first colours to dry whilst the girls had left over soup for lunch and I had a juice and listened to 2 Samuel. Becca spent some time up in her art nook, and made a paper boat:

And also did some gymnastics. That mat was the best present ever:

After lunch, the girls put the finishing touches to our Chinese silk scarf:

Finished the astronomy chapter on Pluto and wrote some notes in their journal. Made a model of the space craft, New Horizons, which in 2015 flew by Pluto.

We taped this on to a skewer to be used as a puppet in the readers’ theatre the girls were planning. Speaking of which, the girls arranged and practiced the play for the rest of the afternoon:

A good day, even though we didn’t even get half the stuff on my list done. Ah, well, there’s always tomorrow!

Lenten Feast and Fast

Going well on all accounts. I’m on day 8 and don’t feel too bad. And I’m up to and almost finished 2 Samuel in my Bible feast!

Have a great night everyone!

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  1. Love the puppet theater! So cute. Our kitty is pretty old in cat years too and we thought for sure he was gone… he slipped out before our last major snowstorm started and never came back home. He was gone for over and week and half then just sauntered back in one day this week like it was no bid deal. So far he seems fine so I’m thinking some poor neighbor took him in. Hope your doggie is feel better soon.

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