A Year in the Life of a Home-Schooling Family: Day 66

‘Hey, mum, I’m going to be an actress!’ Charlotte thus informs me. In the past week she has been through at least five professions. ‘I’m going to move to America!’ Two minutes later, after seeing how much an apartment costs to live in Manhattan, ‘Wait! No I’m not! I can’t afford a place to live!’

Ten minutes later. ‘Mum! I’m going to be a student in America! I’m going to a performing arts school!’ A further ten minutes later. ‘Mum! I’m going to Juilliard Music College!’ Two minutes later. ‘How much?! I am not paying that!’ ‘Mum! I’m not going there! It costs $65000 per year! I could buy a flat for that!’ and so it continues. A half an hour glimpse into the workings of my younger twin’s mind. I think Latin might be sending her round the bend!

A few hours later and it is now ten, and she is shouting her twin’s name through the house. I remind her Lillie is at work this morning. ‘Oh, but I need to tell her something! I’ve found my perfect role!’ She yells, even though I am no more than half a meter away from her. ‘It’s Fannie from the Funny Girl musical! I’d be perfect! Men are scared of her too!!’ I tell her to go and do her Latin, and stop squealing at me, especially whilst standing so close.

Weird child.

And speaking of theatre, the girls (Charlotte, Abigail and Becca) put on a puppet performance of ‘Pluto is Peeved’.

So much fun, and they all did really well!

Juilliard, watch out! Here comes Charlotte! (but not at $65000)

The littles did some modelling of the Chinese silk scarf they had designed and painted the day before:

They got dressed up in their Chinese pyjamas just for the occasion:

Oh, I think I forgot to mention that the littles had done all their workbooks by now, and I was just getting bits and pieces left over from my list the day before. Namely, some astronomy work:

I went out to ‘lunch’ with my mum, although when one is fasting one can’t strictly call it lunch because that assumes some sort of food. Nope, no food for me. I had two tasty juices instead. I think my tummy must be getting smaller because I could only manage one and took the second back home to Gary, who was busy adding a few more book shelves to the girls room. The hope is that it will help them keep it a bit tidier. Once he finished, they began organising their shelves, old and new:

The littles’ bedroom is our focal room this month, so by the end of March we hope to have it completely cleared out, and easy to keep tidy. I can but dream…

I’m getting this posted a bit earlier as the girls have a friend coming over. Lillie has returned from work looking very pale with a headache. Charlotte has finished all her work for today, and they are both snuggled up watching Glee. We have youth over tonight, so I will need to start getting the house presentable, and a little less messy.

Have a great night everyone!

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