A Year in the Life of a Home Schooling Family: Day 67

It was a nice relaxing day today. We had pretty much finished all the work I had planned for this week, yesterday. I had hoped to take the girls up to London with Gary today, but Gary needed to work so we have rescheduled for next week.

Thomas took his littlest sister out for a hot chocolate before school this morning:

The rest of the morning was spent on normal home-school stuff. Granny’s and Latin for Charlotte; maths, biology and psychology for Lillie and work books for the littles:

The only thing I had left to do was to complete our picture study for the second art lab. The girls are discussing what they see in the ink and water colour by Susan Schwake:

They then attempted their own, focusing on the outline of the still life before lunch:

Becca wasn’t too happy with her drawing. This is not unusual, and most of the time I try to encourage her to enjoy the process rather than focusing on the end result. In this case, I could see the main mistake she had made, so chose to make this a teachable moment! She redid it and was much happier with her second drawing:

Meanwhile, Charlotte made lunch which was left overs from the night before (chilli):

and Lillie finished off her art human biology:

Whilst waiting for the rice to cook, Becca did some gymnastics practice for tonight:

and Abigail did some science in her science nook, growing some more crystals:

After lunch, Abs began sieving for gold, an activity from her Curiosity Box:

and Becca tried her hand at making a sugar free dessert:

After I had finished listening to 1 Kings, we went back to our art study. The girls began painting their ink drawings:

A lovely peaceful day, at the end of which we shall all be watching Mulan together, snuggled up on the sofa.

Gotta love homeschooling!

Lenten Feast and Fast

Feast: I have read/listened to Genesis, Exodus, Leviticus, Number, Deuteronomy, Joshua, Judges, Ruth, Samuel I, Samuel II and I Kings

I still do this three times a day for about half an hour to an hour at a time, mostly when I am meant to be eating. I do believe it is this emersion in the scriptures which is making this experience relatively easy for me.

Fast: I have had no solid food for the past ten days. I am a quarter the way through Lent. I feel remarkably good, full of energy and, although I am missing solid food (of course), I am not finding it too hard to abstain. I’m not bored of the juices yet, but feel I will probably need to move on to some meat and vegetable broths at some point. But not yet. I will listen to my body and follow what I believe it is telling me based on its needs.

I am not doing this to lose weight, but I have lost 11 IB so far.


  1. Inspirational as always! I was scoring in science with our middle child today ; volcanoes! So I thought I must check this out for working something out practically, as per angelicscalliwags…. still searching for the best way…and

    then felt we haven’t achieved art ….I really feel it’s missing in our curriculum…So II wan to blend in the older helping our preschooler with her wee art projects (so we made privilege chart with happy faces on paper plates and happy helping hands ) . Still feel that we’re not doing enough in art ….but if I don’t call it art the children seem to not mind it as much (! Oh no not art they say!) Interesting how your girls do sooo well !!! What did you do with them when they were younger ? The book you’re using now seems very good ,but does it have a teacher manual with it too , please? So that I ,who is not as knowledgeable as you ,in art ,can guide the students well too ? Would you have another resource you recommend for the younger years too please? For disinterested boys too (!)…

    Thank you !

  2. Oh and the Bible time and smoothies; how grand ! Must admit I was sceptical to start with ,I mean how do you manage the snack breaks that call for a wee dunk of a biscuit….just water …..do you follow a certain “routine” with the smoothies, or how do you plan their ingredients? Quite costly if all fresh ingredients I thought, but maybe I’m not thinking enough in bulk …do please share ; you’ve inspired again!!! I used fresh spinach in smoothies quite a bit a while back, but then got worried about it not being clean enough ,so I went off that…

    Oh ,and our youngest has found Bible stories on cd and she looooooves them , absolutely looooves them,did I tell you she looooves them! She would listen to those all day ,in fact ,it helps me to do other things with the second youngest ,so there is more peace this way ,and she’s taking it all in!
    Blessings ,

  3. I have one son that really gets frustrated with art too; to the point I rarely even push it anymore. I do try to find more abstract art projects or craft projects that he can succeed without feeling like his end result must look like something or else he’s failed. I too try to remind him to focus on the process and just enjoy exploring but he often resists.

  4. Wow! There is so much wonderful stuff here. Are you following a Juicing program or cookbook? I love how your family loves each other and has so much quality time together.
    Blessings, Dawn

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