A Year in the Life of a Home-Schooling Family: Day 74

It’s been a funny ol’ day today. Having been out in London yesterday, and having finished most of the home-school I had planned for the week the day before, the littles only had their work books to do. By ten they had all but finished. They had a friend coming over in the afternoon, but were free as birds until then.

As Abigail and I had not done any MEL science on Tuesday we decided to squeeze some in before lunch. This latest experiment was to make her own zinc/carbon battery. It was so cool! I am always blown away by the uniqueness of the activities in the MEL Science boxes. Anyway, here is one of the only photos I managed to grab today:

Meanwhile, Charlotte and Becca made some strawberries and jelly, and balled a melon to go with it:

Yesterday, after fifteen days of juice fasting, I decided to have a protein meal. I am going to write about all I have learnt about myself over the last two weeks tomorrow. In many ways it was easier than I thought it would be, and I am so, so pleased I did it. I will be continuing to juice fast two meals a day, and will make sure I eat a high protein high iron meal once a day. I want to complete listening to the Bible (which is going so well), and not eating gives me half hour segments when I am free from all other commitments to lie and listen to God’s word.

This afternoon I spent school planning next week. I have almost finished with Charlotte’s Latin. Yay me! I didn’t manage to plan anything for Lil last week, and I can see that she achieves much more when I do plan and am on the ball, especially with regards to her photography which she is so close to finishing.

Tonight, Becca has gymnastics, Gary and Thomas have boxing, Charlotte has work, and I am doing more school planning for next week with the hope I will be able to take Sunday off completely and spend it with the family.

We are just seven weeks away from Charlotte’s first Latin exam. The end is near 🙂

I hope everyone has a wonderful weekend x


  1. We finished school by 10 today too! I loved it. I keep thinking we need to make Friday lighter days all the time.

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