A Year in the Life of a Home-Schooling Family: Day 81

It’s just a quick post today, as everyone is out with friends for the afternoon, and we had finished most of our school for the week yesterday.

I did almost finish our Passover book, went over Latin vocab, times tables and read some more about Roman houses for our unit study. I read another chapter of The Thieves of Ostia and the girls and I had a chat about how we will fit in Bible time once our Bible rich history comes to an end.

The final thing I wanted to do was to complete Art Lab 3 on scribble drawings. We had already experimented, and completed a scribble artist study. The only thing left was for the girls to create their own original scribble art. Between us we decided that some ocean scribble art might very well be the simplest to attempt. So they created a four colour ocean on their large sheets of heavy paper:

Then they used the smaller paper to scribble on and look for sea creatures:

After they cut them out, the girls painted them ready to be stuck in their ocean once dry:

And that’s it. I have just come from a lovely lunch with my mum, The younger girls are at a friends’ house baking for tomorrow’s concert, and the older girls are at a friends. A nice relaxing day for all.

This week has been one of my favourite so far this week. I think taking Saturday and Sunday off was really helpful because I came to the week refreshed and re-enthused about home-schooling. For the rest of today, I shall be trying to complete all my home-school planning for next week so I can take the weekend off again 🙂

Have a great weekend everyone!

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