Art Lab for Kids: Anne O Smith Artist Study – Bird Walk Scribble Drawing

Anne O Smith Artist Study

Anne O Smith Scribble Drawings: Introduction

I am really loving Art Lab for Kids. It is so simple to use, takes very little time and the labs are interesting and unusual enough to capture the imagination of the girls. Art Lab 3 is about scribble drawings. It is fascinating to see recognisable pictures take shape from a load of scribbles! In today’s lesson, the girls did an Anne O Smith Artist Study, focusing on her scribble drawing ‘Bird Walk’. The owl was created from a scribble and then cut out and added to a forest back ground.

Each art lab we do, I have the girls do a practice version in their sketch books. This is for Becca’s benefit to reduce her perfectionist tendencies. The girls then carry out an artist study, and focus on one of the artist’s pictures and attempt to recreate it. And finally they create a piece of art based on their previous learning which is entirely original 🙂

Anne O Smith Artist Study: Finding the Picture in a Scribble

The first thing the girls did was to scribble lightly all over an A4 sheet of paper:

Anne O Smith Artist Study

In this scribble the girls were trying to find an owl shape. It was quite incredible, because both girls found a very owl-like picture from their scribbles. They made the outline of the owl thicker than the rest of the scribbles, and then erased the interior of the owl:

Anne O Smith Artist Study

Anne O Smith Artist Study: Details and Colour

They drew around the owl again in black felt tip, and then using the same felt tip they made the markings on the owl. Becca tried to do the markings similar to Anne O Smith, but Abigail prefers to do her own take on everything:

Anne O Smith Artist Study

Once the owl looked like the girls wanted it to, they coloured it in. Becca used felt tips as she prefers things to be as accurate as possible. Abigail painted:

Anne O Smith Artist Study

Anne O Smith Artist Study: The Background

I gave the girls a much larger, heavier piece of paper to paint a forest background onto:

Once the forest had been painted, the girls cut out their owls and stuck them onto the background. They signed their scribble drawings and stuck a photocopy of Anne O Smith’s ‘Bird Walk’ into their sketch pads:

And we stuck them up in our gallery:

Anne O Smith Artist Study

Anne O Smith Artist Study: The Final Scribble Drawings Unveiled

Abs and Becs were really pleased with their scribble drawings, and had so much fun doing them!

Anne O Smith Artist Study

Here’s Abigail’s. She painted some mist to give the forest some atmoshere:

Anne O Smith Artist Study

And here is Becca’s:

Anne O Smith Artist Study

Didn’t they do well?

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