A Year in the Life of a Home-Schooling Family: Half Term

This week has not been that different to a usual school week for at least three of us. I was glued to the computer, school planning for Charlotte’s Latin and Classics. I am very close to being very overwhelmed by all we have to do in the next 11 weeks, and am wondering how on earth it is possible to cram two years of work into 12 weeks. But, I try not to think too much about it and just do-the-next-thing…rinse and repeat. It has become my mantra. Just do the next thing. Do the next thing. The next thing… yes I may slowly be losing it!

Charlotte has spent much of the week in this position:

She needed to catch up on some of the work that she missed last week due to school visits. Honestly, I’m not sure how long she can keep this up for. Nine hour days, when she has only just recovered from a fairly life-altering illness, seems too much. But there is no other way if she wants to go to school in September.

Lillie also had some work to catch up on, and also spent much of the half term studying:

I’ve made sure she has it a bit easier over the next few weeks as her Photography A Level needs to be completed by June, and so really it is that which needs her time and attention.

The little ones just completed a test each day for their work books:

They weren’t very, very excited about this but it had been their choice not to do them last week, so they just had to get on with it! Sometimes atop the table:

It’s a good job she’s cute!

They were also on hand for many a spa treatment. They charge £1 per half an hour! But we all enjoy it so much that we part with our money with remarkable ease:

The great thing is, one can study whilst being pampered!

Charlotte is finally getting the tattoos she’s always wanted!

I owe seven pounds so far!

Whilst we have all been busy beavering away inside, Thomas has been out in the working world. Lots has been happening with him right now. He works with a landscaping company whenever he has the chance and they have offered him an apprenticeship. He won’t be taking them up on the offer just yet, but it was great to be asked, and gives him confidence that there are lots of opportunities if his music doesn’t take off. He often comes back wet and muddy, asking if anyone wants a hug 🙂

He loves working outside. In fact, he really loves his life at the moment: being busy with work, family, college, church, friends, music… he’s one happy boy!

The little ones have had lots of fun with birthday balloons:

And the girls have been putting on circus shows and gymnastic shows all week:

Becca has just been moved up a group in her gymnastics and is so enjoying it at the moment!

We have Gary’s lovely parents coming over next week, and Gary has taken time off work to spend with them. We will be schooling in the morning and enjoying being out and about with Tom and Heather from late morning. Fun days ahead! We all love it when they come to visit 🙂


  1. My friend Kay just sent me here and I love it!!! I am a Canadian married to an American, who had two kids in Wales and has lived in Germany. It is such a blessing to see homeschoolers in the UK!!! I love the gingers too! I married a ginger and have two of the them. Thank you so much for showing the fun in your day!!!

  2. Wow, so many changes and such great ones!!! I love your new blog layout, too! I’m getting ready to graduate my oldest, such a crazy aspect to this homeschool journey. Many blessings, my friend 🙂

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