The Littlest Room in the House

I thought I’d post some photos of the upstairs loo in all its finished glory!

There are still odd bits which would be nice to have – such as a charcoal bath mat instead of the white loo mat, but we’ll get that next January when we cycle back to this room. Apart from that I’m chuffed:

I got the grey curtain from Amazon for under £5! Everything else came from charity shops.

The charcoal heart hanging from the door handle was stolen from our living room and the book case was left over from Charlotte’s room after she swapped with Lillie:

I used a basket for the loo roll in use, a slate plate mat for the hand wash and tooth brush holder (which were charity shop buys in Northern Ireland). The large word art Lillie bought especially for the loo. I love when the children join in the home-making like this!

The two frames were also from NI, and I popped a photo of the littles in one, and one of the twins in the other. Rebecca bought the family plaque for me especially for the window sill here. Lillie bought the candle holder especially for the littlest room.

The basket is for flannels, and the wooden basket is for sanitary stuff. The heart shaped basket on the floor holds all the extra loo rolls.

We bought a tiny basin to replace the rather large, leaky one, as well as two charcoal tiles for the back wash. It has a handy cupboard for cleaning materials.

January’s project pretty much done! It is so much prettier than before and easier to keep clean. We were all chuffed to bits!


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