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I’ve shown my academic planner a few times over the last few weeks. I have one to keep me straight with my master’s and everything else I have to get done each day. Two of my daughters use the same planner. Yesterday I received an email asking where I got it from, so I thought I’d do a quick post on it!

Pumpkin Productivity Academic Planner

The academic planner I use is the one from Pumpkin Productivity, designed by one of my favourite YouTubers Ruby Granger. Ruby has created some really nice products to help with productivity and keeping organised. I have used her yearly planner for a couple of years now (which is not so academia related) but this year I decided to go for the academic planner. Charlotte very kindly bought it for me for my birthday back in September:


Ruby is kind of a student extraordinaire and has put a lot of thought into creating her perfect journal. Because of this it has lots of different pages that regular planners don’t have. Pages which include all of the following:

So what makes this academic planner the best out there?

I’m glad you asked. I think probably my favourite thing about the planner is the quality of paper used. I think I could paint a watercolour and it wouldn’t bleed through to the other side! I’ve tried to capture the thickness of the paper in the next photo:


There are also lots of differently designed pages, which are both thoughtful and unusual. There’s a monthly overview:

Monthly planner

There’s a weekly overview:

double spread for month

And added extras dotted around such as this Christmas gift list at the end of November:

Christmas gift list

And lastly, I really like the space we have for each day, which is perfect for both my school age student, my writer daughter and also for me:


This is how I use it:

As you can see, I write my list for the day and then cross out with a highlighter when I’ve done it. If I don’t get round to it, I simply move it to the next day. Often I have tasks I do every day just to keep on top of things such as 30 minutes of critical analysis or reading a certain academic text. It’s still worth me writing these down though. I love crossing them out 😊 and having a reminder helps me to reach my monthly goals as well.

Do you have a planner that you love to use?

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