African Jewellery Party: Part One

Last Friday my eldest daughter held an African Jewellery party, showcasing all the work she has been doing over the past six months.  The week before we all spent every waking moment preparing the house to receive the 24 guests who would be attending, focusing on her presentation speech, display board and costume.  Lillie worked exceptionally hard (as did her siblings) and the party went just as planned. This is a photo heavy post as we were so pleased with how everything turned out.

Africa 1

We made some paper bunting from coloured card, cutting out letters of a contrasting colour and sticking on card rectangles:

Africa 2

Africa 3

Africa 16

Lillie made some bright display boards, adding information about what different colours mean to different tribes (this supplemented the information in her presentation report on African Jewellery):

Africa 4

Africa 5

Africa 22

We had bought her a mannequin to display some of her best work:

Africa 6

Africa 20

Africa 21

We also used an authentic African art work:

Africa 9

The rest of the display was made up of her home-made African Jewellery.  Lillie had spent hours each day creating the most beautiful pieces from paper beads she had made herself, as well as learning wire techniques:

Africa 32

Africa 31

Africa 30

She had made some material bracelets:

Africa 10

as well as some twisted wire ones:

Africa 11

and multiple rings, some of them very unusual:

Africa 8

But it was her necklaces which I think stood out.  Each was made from a mixture of regular seed beads and home-made paper beads, taking into consideration the meanings of the various colours:

Africa 15

Africa 17

Africa 18

Africa 19

Here are some close-ups:

Africa 7

Africa 23

Africa 24

Africa 25

Lillie also made some beautiful ear-rings, which matched some of the necklaces.  She had been advised to sell them separately rather than in sets:

Africa 14

Africa 26

Africa 27

Africa 28

Africa 13

Africa 12

Lil had packed each of the pieces of jewellery in little bags, adding a home-made label with the name of her ‘company’ on them.  She also priced them according to the advice she had been given by a local jewellery shop owner.  We also purchased some brightly coloured envelopes to use as gift bags and I found some pretty gauze bags for her to pop the necklaces in, once purchased:

Africa 33

Because she had worked so incredibly hard on this project and we wanted her to look the part, we bought her a pair of trousers which she paired with some home-made jewellery and a black top:

Africa 34

Africa 35

She was ready to go!  But were we really prepared for the 24 guests we had coming?  You’ll have to wait and find out tomorrow 🙂



  1. Congratulations, L. What a great deal of work and time and love must have gone into this presentation. The decorations are perfect and the jewelry is lovely. I think the blues and greens are my favorite. You did a fantastic job! I love, love, love your outfit. Wish we lived closer to you so we could have come and bought some of your jewelry. I can’t wait to see the next post.

  2. Wow! She did a wonderful job. I’m so impressed with her work. Wish I could see the video of her speaking on this. Love the table and display also.

  3. Wow! You are one talented young lady, Lillie!!! Your jewelry is gorgeous, as are you in your new outfit to match your handiwork! Congratulations on all your hard work and beautiful display!

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