African Jewellery Party: Part Two

Continued from yesterday’s post

On the actual day we cleared the room and put out the 24 chairs:

Africa 32

We were also gifted with some beautiful African baskets hand sewn from banana leaves.  They were so gorgeous we replaced all the bowls in the display with them:

Africa 8

Africa 3

Africa 4

Africa 5

Africa 7

Africa 6

Aren’t they lovely?  We also made a ‘paper bead making kit’ for each of the guests:

Africa 1

Inside were enough supplies to make four paper beads – 4 cocktail sticks, ear buds to apply glue, small glass for glue, Plasticine to stick the cocktail sticks with the completed beads on to dry, 4 triangles of coloured paper:

Africa 2

Each box was named and placed on the chairs:

Africa 14

We also made a snack table with some African themed goodies:

Africa 9

There was red and white wine from South Africa:

Africa 10

A tropical fruit punch:

Africa 11

A small plate of fruit:

Africa 12

and some plantain crisps:

Africa 13

Once the guests had helped themselves to snacks and a drink, Lillie began her presentation:

Africa 15

Africa 29

Africa 30

Africa 31

After she had presented a synopsis of all she had learnt, it was time for her to teach the guests how to make their own paper beads:

Africa 17

We had a lot of people telling us this was their favourite part of the evening.  Everyone joined in enthusiastically:

Africa 16

Africa 22

Africa 18

Africa 19

Africa 20




Africa 24

Africa 25

Africa 28

After all the beads had been made, the guests were invited to take a look at Lillie’s home-made African jewellery:

Africa 26

Africa 27

She sold almost all of it and made £74 exactly!  It was a great night and she made us very proud 🙂

My last photo is of Thomas holding little baby T, who the twins were asked to be God-parents of.  Thank you Tracey – You made their week year!

Africa 33

Thank you to everyone who came and lent their support to Lillie.  Thank you for giving up your precious time, for joining in so enthusiastically and for buying an item (or two) of jewellery.  Lillie could not have held this presentation if it wasn’t for you guys!


  1. What a very cool idea. I know I would have eanted to be in that audience! You had me for a monuye when you said “ear bud” though. In America that is what we call little earphones you can put in the ear. I finally realized that you meant what we call by their brand name, “Q-tips”.

    1. Ha, ha – the ear buds threw me for a minute, too – and the cocktail sticks – I’m assuming those were toothpicks 🙂

  2. Simply wonderful! Loved the set up and how organized the presentation was. Love that your son is comfortable holding babies, and a godparent already!

  3. It really sounded like a great evening. Wished I could have been there.
    That sounded a really great evening. Wished I could have been there too.

  4. Wow! That is fantastic! She did a wonderful job on the jewelry and the display. I’m guessing she did amazing on the presentation, as well. I just love all that you and your kids do in your homeschool. It’s so inspiring.

  5. I love – LOVE – that she made take home kits, and demonstrated the craft. Just an excellent project all the way around. Why don’t you live closer!?!

  6. Absolutely fantastic! Claire, you are an inspiration in the home schooling world! We know Lillie was able to do all this because of who was behind her motivating her towards her creative passions in life. What a splendid idea, all so well put together. I just loved the audience participation with making something under Lillie’s guidance. A+ mummy and daughter!

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