And Then There Were Four…

Gary and I are currently in a very quiet house. The littles are outside creating a shop, after just soaking each other in a water fight. Thomas left this morning for Soul Survivor, and is away for the next week. And the twins are still living the high life in Northern Ireland. It sure is quiet here!

Over the past week, I have been catching up on posting about last year’s work. I love to have a record of what we have done, and if the county council ever need to check I am doing homeschooling thoroughly I know I have a great record of all our work. I’ve posted about our first Botany lesson; The Scientist Study on Pythagoras; Life of Fred Màths and Sewing School. I have loads more to post, but feel good about my start at catching up!

Because I have not planned anything for my poor younger two to do over the summer, they have needed to find their own fun. They have set up their own ‘Box Car’ from their play house; a shop out of a huge box; they have been making potions and are enjoying getting into herbal medicines; they have been cooking:

Spending hour mastering dances from YouTube:

And working in the garden with their daddy:

As well as beginning to bring in our harvest:

In fact, I made a meal made almost entirely of produce from the garden, including herbs and bay leaves:

I chucked them all into the oven with salt and pepper, olive oil and balsamic vinegar, and pureed it and served it with spaghetti:

It was so delicious and so very cool to know we had grown most of it!

I did four hours of house work today and it very nearly killed me! I sweated the whole time and I’m sure ended up weighing a good stone lighter! But my goodness I hurt. All over. It’s really made me see that I need to get my butt moving a bit more in general. I never want to be in this amount of pain again – I keep telling Gary that even my hair hurts and I didn’t even know hair could hurt!

Next week GCSE results are out so we are all looking forward to finding out how Charlotte did and whether it was well enough to get into her chosen school. I’m not concerned at all. Màths was my concern and she passed that! I’m not worried about Latin and Classics.

Next week I will be continuing with posting last term’s work, doing some work around the house and a bit more school planning. The girls return on Thursday, so I can’t wait to get a big twin hug and get back to the inevitable noise and mess that seems to follow the girls wherever they go!


    1. They really have! Boredom is the mother of invention 😉
      Please do leave a link to your blog, I’d love to catch up with you too!

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