Art Lab 4: Chalk Pastels

I am adding this Art Lab Chalk Pastel lesson quite apprehensively because I didn’t actually do these lessons with the girls. Lillie blessed me by taking over the little one’s school work when I was up to my elbows in Charlotte and her Latin! Thank you, Baby.

Being as organised as I am (not), I can’t find the Art Labs book at the moment, so can’t even add some information from there. Sorry!

Art Lab: Chalk Pastels: Trying Out The Medium

What I do know, though, is that this lesson was all about using chalk pastels. The girls used some flowers they had given me for Mother’s Day (I think!):

Art Lab Chalk Pastel

They started out lightly, adding more and more detail as they went along:

Art Lab Chalk Pastel

The smile on Bec’s face tells me she had lots of fun 🙂

Art Lab Chalk Pastel

And likewise, Abigail:

Art Lab Chalk Pastel

And a close up of Becca’s:

And Abigail’s:

Art Lab Chalk Pastel: Geogia O’Keeffe Study

The artist they studied was Georgia O’Keeffe and her beautiful big flowers:

It is surprisingly hard to persuade children to really go big and brave:

But I think they did a great job!

Art Lab Chalk Pastel

And managed to cover almost the whole page in flowers:

Art Lab Chalk Pastel

Lillie then took them outside to draw some flowers in their natural environment:

Art Lab Chalk Pastel

I have to admit, I love seeing my girls drawing together peacefully in the sun:

Art Lab Chalk Pastel

I have no idea where the resulting pictures have gone to. probably hidden away somewhere with the Art Labs text book!

Good job girls, and thank you very much Lil!

Rose Sielian Theriault
Giant Ink Drawings


    1. It even better than that. Lillie offers all. the. time. Bless her heart – anytime she sees a need she seeks to fill it – she is amazing!

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