Angelicscalliwags Catch Up and Plans for Next Year: Charlotte

Charlotte has big plans this year which are almost completely opposite in nature to her twin sister’s.  I find it so interesting that two girls who have rarely been apart in the past fifteen years, and have been brought up exactly the same, are so completely different in their personalities and interests.  Having finished her first novel at the beginning of the year, she is currently busy editing that one in addition to writing the second in the series.  She is writing the series on the horrors of human trafficking, hoping to raise awareness and increase responses to prevent this from happening in the future.  Her Google search history makes very interesting reading as she seeks to make her novel as realistic as she can without exposing herself to stuff she knows will not be healthy for her (and her almost overwhelming capacity for empathetic reasoning).

We have invested in a second hand computer for her as well as her own desk (which we were so blessed to have been given by our next-door neighbour).  This means she doesn’t need to get up so early in the morning in order to get on the computer to do editing, writing and blogging.  A lot of the older teen’s school work is now computer based and they were struggling to find enough time on our one computer to complete everything they needed to, so this extra (albeit very old) computer will help somewhat, and hopefully shows Charlotte how much we support her aspirations to become an author.

Charlotte is our most academic child.  By that I mean that she is the most interested in learning in terms of exams.  Exams excite her, challenge her and give her something to aim towards.  She came bounding out of her English Language IGCSE full of joy with regards to the stories she wrote, and the questions she had to answer.  She really wants an A grade, and certainly worked hard enough to deserve it.  I dread to think what will happen if she doesn’t achieve this.  I mean, she should, but this is her first ever exam and we don’t really know how either of the girls perform under exam conditions.  Unlike her sister, who really doesn’t mind what grade she gets so long as she passes (Grade A-C), Charlotte will be very upset if she achieves less than she thinks she is capable of.  She will be getting her grades sometime this month and my mummy heart is praying she is happy with whatever grade she gets.

During the coming year she will be studying towards  IGCSEs in English Literature (possibly to take in January 2018), Latin (with Wolsey Hall taking the exam in summer 2018), Law (studying alongside one of her best friends and her dad – the dad that helped Thomas achieve his A grade in Physics), possibly Psychology (we are still in discussions about this – she wants to but I’m not sure if it is one too many) and she will be banging away at her maths which, frankly, if she ever finishes it will be a miracle of the biggest order.  She hates maths with as much passion as she loves writing….and you all know just how much she loves writing!

Speaking of which, any spare time she has will be used on writing her second novel, editing the first, writing regular blog posts and working her way through a wonderful young Christian writers’ mentorship course, which she thoroughly enjoys.  She is also a member of various young writers’ forums where she is able to give and receive critiques.

The goals for Charlotte are less academic and more about supporting her emotionally.  She has come so far in her understanding of the fact that how she feels is not always proportionate to reality, and she is learning to control the strength of said emotions much better.  That said, her life is very much an emotional rollercoaster and the support she has from family members is far more important and necessary for her than for her siblings.  I think this is going to be a great year for Charlotte and I am thoroughly looking forward to watching her stretch herself academically as she works out what she wants to do with her life.


  1. Sounds like a very targeted and supportive course. What is it about writers? My 15 yr old loves writing and languages and she’s so empathetic. She’s in therapy partially because of the emotions she struggles to handle. I hope Charlotte thrives this year!

  2. Have you ever named the Christian mentoring program?
    Or these groups she’s in, asking for a friend……
    Also, Charlotte sounds like a slightly older version of my Wendy right down to hating math and loving writing with plans to be a writer.

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