Human Trafficking

My daughter, Charlotte, has written two books which have the theme of human trafficking running through them.  This is something she feels strongly about.  I have always known from the time of Charlotte’s birth (where she ‘should’ have died but didn’t) that if any of my children would change the world it would be her.  We named her Charlotte, which means ‘strong woman’ for that exact reason, the only non-Biblical name to be given to any of our children.  None-the-less we felt it was fitting, meaningful, and she has completely lived up to this name.

Charlotte is fiercely intelligent, passionate, very strong minded and feels things much, much stronger than the rest of the family (except maybe me – we are very alike in some ways).  A few years ago Gary and I felt this passion for living every last second and wringing emotion out of every single moment could go either way.  That she could use her incredible personality for good…or it would ultimately destroy her due to its sheer size.  Charlotte has caused us the most sleepless nights, the most worry and, for her father in particular, the most puzzlement.  Gary is very black and white.  He loves deeply and is very, very steady.  His emotional then 13 year old bemused him and left him confused on many occasions.  Even now he can say something and it immediately brings tears to Charlotte’s eyes….and he looks on completely confused!

She doesn’t bemuse me though.  I get her, and she and I couldn’t be closer.  I adore the woman she is becoming, and it is all the sweeter for the battle it took us to get there.  Nothing about her life story is ordinary.  Anyway, I digress…..

Charlotte feels a very strong calling to bring human trafficking out in the open.  To make people more aware of it in the currently sanitised world in which we live.  She spends hours researching, writing notes, and then translating those notes into stories for her current book, or poems and material for her blog.  Go over and have a peek at some of her work, and if you feel inclined please do share so that her dream of spreading the word about the atrocities of human trafficking come to fruition:

Just a Child

Trafficked – a Short Story



Charlotte is completely incapable of feeling anything mildly.  I have to watch her very carefully, ensuring screens get turned off early enough for her to relax, and that she has time alone and away from friends to calm down a little.  This energy could cripple her if we are not vigilant.


  1. Just about the read her articles-I share the same passion as Charlotte and love to hear about others wanting to fight this injustice. My blog letsruntherace focuses on raising awareness for human rights and issues of injustice too. Supporting you both xx

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