Around the World in 80 Days: Day Five – Steam Punk


Victorian Steam Punk

All this week we have been wringing every last piece of learning from Around the World in 80 Days.  Set with the backdrop of the industrial revolution, Jules Verne is perhaps the perfect author to be studying whilst also dipping our toes into the waters of Victorian Steam Punk.

We will be focusing all our efforts on steam punk during the third week, whilst Thomas is away at Soul Survivor.  I thought today I would focus on how we are preparing for said week.  Over the past month or so we have been collecting anything we could which was even vaguely steam punkish.  Our only requirements were that the item was cheap or free.

Inspirational Resources

I was able to buy an inexpensive Steam Punk Jewellery book on Amazon for pennies.  This was perfect for my jewellery loving teen:


I also found this ebook on Amazon for free:


I also have put together a Steam Punk Pinterest board for the girls to garner ideas from:

Steam Punk Materials/ Accessories

We spent less than £3 on the following items, which we are hoping to alter to create a few different Steam Punk outfits.  Here are the dresses and skirts:

steam punk 1

Look at all those ruffles and lace!

steam punk 2

And some tops, including a waist coat and top hat:

steam punk 3

lots of ruffles……

steam punk 4

We managed to get most of this for free by filling bags for the Salvation Army charity shops with stuff we didn’t need any more and taking them into the shops to exchange them for a £2 per bag shop credit.  We then shopped their stock!

steam punk 5

Steam Punk Jewellery 

My eldest daughter has been very busy this week making all sorts of steam punk jewellery and polymer clay steam punk accessories.  The details of her work are incredible!

These are the hand painted polymer clay models which we will glue gun onto the costumes:

steam punk 6

And her newest self taught skill has been using bottle tops, epoxy stickers and scrap book paper to make pendant charms, rings and stick on charms to decorate her steam punk outfits:

steam punk 7

steam punk 8

steam punk 9

and ear rings:

steam punk 10

and her latest piece, a steam punk styled necklace:

steam punk 11

I’d had no idea she had been so busy!  This coming week we will be making a design board of our ideas in readiness for our steam punk week next week.  Fun here we come!


  1. Okay, when you first mentioned Steam Punk I wasn’t really too excited, but after seeing the clothing and the jewelery, I have totally changed my mind. I can’t wait to see how it all comes together. I guess the image in my mind wasn’t quite correct. Just one of the reasons I LOVE your blog!

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