If you were wondering….

….how we incorporate passions in our little homeschool, pop over to Jen’s blog where she interviewed Lillie about her jewellery and her hopes for the future.  It is a lovely interview, and for me very affirming with regards to how we homeschool.  Please do pop over and support Jen as she brings the experiences of home schooled students to the fore.Africa 34


  1. Great interview Lillie! Well done! I mentioned on Jen’s site in the comments that I’ve always been so impressed with how mature all the children in your home are for their ages, Claire. You are so very inspiring with how you spur on your children to their passions and keep them motivated. Well done!

  2. Excellent interview, Lillie. You surely make homeschooling shine!:) Your jewelry is beautiful and I know if we lived near you, you would be able to add two teen girls as customers. Keep up the lovely art of jewelry making. You shine!

    P.S. I know my girls will be watching for your blog to be made public.

  3. Thanks for the referral Claire. Lillie’s interview was so well done, all of the hard work all of you put in really shines. I appreciate her time and effort involved. Looking forward to adding the link to her blog/shop when she is ready. let me know!

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