Australian Aboriginal Culture Unit Study


I am writing this post to gather the work we did on our Australian Aboriginal Culture Unit Study all in one place.  This unit was a fairly short unit, but it was huge fun.  And best of all the children remember it, even now, a few years later.

Australian Aboriginal Culture Unit Study: Resources

In my first post, I shared the books we used:

Australian Aboriginal Resources Australian Aboriginal Resources  Australian Aboriginal Resources

the home-made maps we worked from:

Australian Aboriginal Resources

and our brief study of the Aboriginal Flag:

Australian Aboriginal Resources

Australian Aboriginal Culture Unit Study: Dress-Up

In the second post in the series, I describe our home-made costume:

Australian Aboriginal Dress-Up

the authentic Aboriginal jewellery my eldest daughter made:

Australian Aboriginal Dress-Up

And the face art we created:

Australian Aboriginal Dress-Up

Australian Aboriginal Culture Unit Study: The Boomerang and Didgeridoo

In this third post the children enjoyed making and using a boomerang:

Australian Aboriginal Boomerang and Didgeridoo

And also enjoyed learning to play the didgeridoo:


Australian Aboriginal Culture Unit Study: Dot Art

This was a fun activity, as the girls learnt how to create some beautiful dot art:

Australian Aboriginal Dot Art

Australian Aboriginal Culture Unit Study: Cave Art and Stone Art

In this final post of the series, the girls created their own cave art:

Australian Aboriginal Cave Art

Australian Aboriginal Cave Art

as well as some stone carvings:


All the posts describe how we did all these fun hands-on activities, as well as suggest resources to go along with each topic.

I will be slowly going through my old posts and grouping them together like this one so they are easier to find.  There is a history page at the top of my blog bar which will eventually contain all the unit studies we have covered.  As we finish individual lessons for The Mystery of History Curriculum, I will be posting them there also.

I also pin frequently to history related boards via Pinterest.  Do follow along for lots of ideas for hands on, literature rich unit studies:


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