Balance {Master’s Chronicles}

Master's in Childhood and Youth Studies

If there was ever an excuse to escape from the world and hyper focus on only one thing, studying would be the thing for me. I try to limit the majority of my studying to one day (Tuesday). This is because I know if I did it more than one day I would be doing it all of the days, all of the time.

My first year I spent trying to fit my entire life around my master’s. This year, I want to fit my master’s around my entire life. I have other things I want to do. Y’know, things like family, art, homeschool, blogging…I love blogging. Even if no-one read it, I would still love blogging. I guess in a sense I’m journalling when I blog. It is very good for my mental health.

I also want to exercise, literally anything that takes me away from my desk. I know myself too well. Where studying is involved hours can pass me by and I honestly don’t notice. Yesterday I skipped my walk for the very first time for ages.

If it’s between studying and…literally anything else, studying wins. I love to study.

I think I find trying not to let studying over take my life as difficult as trying not to eat chocolate.

I know it’s not good for me. I know I’ll regret it. But I go ahead anyway.

Seriously, I am my own worst enemy.

So, this year the actual studying is only going to happen on one day per week, although I will be preparing for my assignments for a short time every day.

Yesterday, I was at my desk from 8-11 when I had a meeting for an hour, and then 12 until 5, when I made dinner, and then 6 until 8, taking a quick break to give the older ones a lift to the shops.

Nine hours.

If you then add the hour or so I’ll do each day towards my assignment, I’ll have easily worked the 13 hours a week I’m meant to work towards a master’s.

The rest of the week can then be given up to wifing, mothering, homeschooling, small businessing, and blogging…or exercising.

Y’see? I’m growing. Balance is the name of the game, and this is one game I want to win.


  1. This is my oldest son’s approach to college- he’s taking 4 online classes and does the bulk of all his schoolwork on Saturdays with just an hour or so here and there sprinkled in the rest of the week if he needs it. I thought he was crazy but it seems to work for him. As far as I know he’s still getting good grades…

    1. It is all about finding something that works for you. I’m hoping I can still get good grades even though I’m studying less…

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