New You Tube Channel?

I began a YouTube channel to go along with my Mesopotamia unit study that I have been writing at the beginning of this year. This was waaaaaaay out of my comfort zone and, really, I am a bit rubbish at the whole making videos. Somehow though, although I don’t have a huge following, I’ve had over 3.7 thousand views which I find a bit incredible!

I can’t say that I’m hugely proud of the videos I’ve curated but I have learnt an awful lot and I really enjoy the process of filming and editing. The Mesopotamia homeschool channel is very niched down and is really only suitable for a homeschool audience. I have been wanting to film a bit around my small art business but it really doesn’t mix well with ‘how to make a shaduf’ type videos. Soooo, I thought I’d start a new channel, just for fun!

I’m not really expecting anyone to watch it, but regardless I kind of want to do it for me. Yesterday was my small business day and among many other things I opened another channel and created the banner for it. I also wrote a bit of blurb and did some research on how to film an introductory first video, which, darn it, requires me to be in front of the camera!

I’m not necessarily planning on posting weekly or even regularly. It’s just going to be a kind of heart project aimed mainly, I think, at an older audience. I found art pretty late in life and it would be amazing to connect with other greying creatives! That said, younger non-greying creatives would be welcome too…

This is going to be fun!

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