Book Bonanza: The Next Five and an Announcement

This is the penultimate week I will be posting five books.  I have given away lots and lots of books over the past few weeks and it has made my heart sing and feel very grateful that I have such a surplus to be able to offer them to you.  I have emptied my shelves of all of the maths books I know we will not be using any more, as well as some science ones in the process.  I have many more, I am sure, which could do with going to some new homes.  My organisation needs to catch up however (being organised is not a forte of mine).  Once I have organised and surveyed the books I have left I will probably return to give away more.  For now though, here are this week’s offerings:


The first two are Saxon 76 text book as well as teachers answer book (answer book has no cover on it, but is complete in terms of answers)


DSC_0489more books

The next two are hard back Saxon 65 both student and teacher.

In addition to these I have another answer book, complete with tests and answers as well as a student work book.  I bought this to help my maths phobic daughter.  She really struggled with maths (although not any more!!) and completed a few of the lessons.  I will remove the lessons she completed and send the rest of the book to whomever might like it.  But you should know it is not complete.

DSC_0487more books

Be blessed!

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