Blossoming Love by C12

For their writing curriculum (Cover Story) the children needed to write a poem. I really enjoyed reading each of them and thought I would share some on my blog. We’ve done very little poetry before and they all (including T) really enjoyed this unit. Here is C12’s poem about love called Blossoming Love.

blossoming love

My cherished lady, oh so fair,

sitting astride a golden mare.

‘Can you help me fairest one,

shining like the golden sun?’

‘My heart is shorn, two pieces have I,

One for you as I say goodbye.

Keep it safe I’ll be back soon’

Shining shoulders as the moon,

black hair in sheets of black night sky,

Do I have to say good bye?

Cherish a kiss from one so fair,

sat astride a golden mare.

She gives her heart to love so bold,

gives her life to a beggar’s hold

A lake, a misty night….a stolen kiss,

a man must save the one he missed.

Beware you gentleman of the shire,

lest you are cast upon the fire.

Give your heart, to the one and only,

otherwise you’ll end up lonely.


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