Catch Up and a Happy Birthday to Gary!

The last few weeks have been lovely. We have pretty much finished decluttering the upstairs and have managed to repaint the twin’s room as well. More to come on that, perhaps tomorrow. Becca is happily ensconced in her bedroom:

whilst Abigail is still rearranging hers. I shall be posting on her new room too. I have almost finished mine and Gary’s bedroom, and am slowly moving into my very own office space! I am so excited!

Anyway, I shall leave you all with some photo collages giving a peek into the last few weeks.

Country walks with my youngest twin, trying to stave off a relapse:

Out and about…

Charlotte and I spent a happy afternoon together planning out her future; my younger two with their best friend Evie-Mae; nature finds and eating out with my mum and her long time friend:

Fun times with Thomas…

Family night watching Finding Neverland (an amazing film!); Thomas pops by all the time – I think he was picking up more of his stuff and stayed for the evening and playing something on his guitar; Thomas and Ads playing computer games together; Thomas teaching his sister to play guitar – he has gifted her two of his guitars which she really wants to learns; Thomas spending time with his littlest sister and then finally joining his younger sisters for a film night, just the three of them and lots of popcorn brought by Thomas:

Miscellaneous photos…

Lil big sistering Abigail; the rather hilarious process of teaching Ads how to do his own laundry (two photos); the twins, Becca and a scary one of Abigail, who you would not want to meet on a dark night with that on her face!

And, of course, we can’t forget the animals…

Rufus asleep in my mint; Harvey; Harvey looking very cute; Caspian asleep:

The garden and some food made with some of its produce: The house from the garden; fruit salad to go with our waffles; flowers picked from the garden; tea tray made for me by Becca and the beginnings of my homemade tomato sauce:

And finally Gary’s birthday was today. He is unwell with man flu so spent most of the day in bed. He already had the day booked off because it was his birthday. The poor man, he hardly ever has time off and when he does he inevitably comes down with something 😢

We all gave him money because he works so hard and rarely spends any of his money on himself and never ever complains about that fact. The littles also made a cake for him:

Lillie’s new bed is being delivered tomorrow, so hopefully their room will be completely ready for me to take some photos and post them. We are so pleased by how it has turned out.

Have a great sleep everyone!


  1. My husband is the same way! He hardly ever takes time off but always seems to get sick when he’s thinking about it… Sounds like lots of wonderful things happening over at your house.

  2. That is wild. My husband often get’s sick on his days off too. I think it has something to do with the body relaxing or something. You all are up to many wonderful things. I am busy decluttering too.
    Blessings, Dawn

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