And onto the Twins’ Room

So…having almost finished with Rebecca’s room I have moved onto the twins’ room. Between us we moved the entire contents of their bedroom into Thomas’ old bedroom:

It is lovely to see it so bare, although not having any books on the book cases makes Charlotte and I very agitated! We both feel very comforted by our books:

I have given it a really good wash and will be painting it with an undercoat before painting it with some duck egg blue furniture chalky finish paint:

The wardrobes are also pretty much empty, although we have many many clothes to eventually get in there. Charlotte and I are researching organisational ideas which will make it easier for her to use physically. It’s kind of thin and long with high rails to hang clothes:

Today, I painted the walls a lovely sunshiny yellow:

We have also managed to get rid of two black bags to go to either recycling or the charity shop.

The twins’ room is going to take much longer than the younger girls’. For starters they are twins who share a small room, and they are older teenagers. This means they have many, many opinions as to what goes and what stays. Each item is cogitated over for what seems like a year and a half, before finally coming to the decision to keep it. I then tell them that if they want to keep it, they need to come up with a storage solution for the item. If they can not, then said item goes! Ha! If only it was that easy!!

We’ll get there because I know Charlotte is very invested in having a neat and tidy and well organised room. Lillie literally couldn’t care less! She is a typical art student who does not even notice the tornado level mess that follows her every where she goes.

But if there is one thing you can say about Lillie, it is that she loves her sister so very much and is willing to try anything to make her twin’s life a little easier.

As I say. We’ll get there.

Hopefully this year 🙏🏼


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